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Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction Treatment




If you’re struggling with stubborn fat under the chin that doesn’t seem to budge with diet and exercise, our Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction Treatment is a great non-surgical, permanent treatment option. This treatment has recently become more and more popular as it offers an affordable, accessible and safe way to contour your chin area and reshape your confidence.


What is Lipodissolve?

The Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction treatment is a non-surgical treatment option used to permanently dissolve stubborn chin fat cells. 


How does it work?

Deoxycholic acid, a cytolytic drug that physically disrupts the cell membrane when injected into the tissue, is injected into the chin area. Your fat cells then release fat which is removed by your body's repair system and transferred to your liver, where it is excreted out of the body. 


What are the benefits of a Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction treatment?

Stubborn fullness under the chin can have a negative impact on your confidence. Lipodissolve offers a non-surgical treatment option to contour the chin area and reshape your confidence. Aside from potential future weight gain, the treatment results are permanent.


Who is the Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction treatment suitable for?

Anyone wanting to boost their confidence by melting away stubborn fat cells in the chin that are resistant to exercise and diet. 


Are there any risks involved with Lipodissolve?

The substance used for Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction injections has been completely cleared by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, as well as the FDA in the US. Any side effects that occur are temporary.


What to expect on the day of your Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction treatment?

You will be required to book a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced Cosmetic Nurses to chat about your goals and ensure the Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction treatment is suitable to treat your area of concern. Your Cosmetic Nurse will then create a personalised treatment plan tailored to achieve your desired chin and jawline results. On the day of your Lipodissolve Double Chin treatment, multiple tiny injections of deoxycholic acid are made around the area of concern. The fat dissolving process will continue to take effect over the next 14 days.

Your Cosmetic Nurse will walk you through any aftercare requirements recommended to maximise your results. This includes simple things like avoiding saunas/jacuzzis for 48hrs, massaging the treatment area for 15 minutes a day to aid the fat elimination process and drinking lots of fluids.


Is the Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction treatment painful?

Double Chin Fat Dissolver injections are administered by a medical professional using a very fine needle. Many people say they feel like a mosquito bite. Without local anaesthesia, we would rate the pain of the injections at around 0.5/10.


Is there any downtime? 

Results will vary from person to person, however, most people find that icing the area and simple over-the-counter pain medication is enough to treat any initial signs of mild discomfort. 

Common side effects include pain at the injection site, swelling, bruising, numbness, tingling, the formation of small areas of hardness and warmth, discolouration & itching around the treatment area. 

The most notable side effect is swelling at the injection site, which can last up to 10 days post-treatment. If added puffiness and swelling are a concern for you, we recommend taking some time off work or opting to work from home. 


How many Lipodissolve Double Chin Reduction treatments will I need?

Repeated treatments will depend on the individual and the device of our Cosmetic Nurse, who will be able to advise the best time to make your next appointment if required. Many people experience improvement after two to four treatments spaced at least 4 weeks apart. A maximum of six treatments may be administered. 

This treatment dissolves fat in the injected area, making it virtually impossible to re-accumulate. However, excessive weight gain after this non-surgical treatment may reverse your results. Therefore, we recommend you follow a healthy diet and exercise plan to limit dietary fat and maintain your results.


How do I book in for the Lipodissolve Double Chin  Reduction treatment?

To book your complimentary consultation with one of our knowledgable Cosmetic Nurses, discover your unique treatment plan and begin reshaping your confidence, click here.