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Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Dry skin can be an uncomfortable skin condition. Itchy skin prone to flakiness and sensitivity is a common symptom of dry, dehydrated skin.

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Believe in softer, smoother, younger looking skin. Dry and dehydrated skin can be an uncomfortable condition with symptoms of tightness, itching, flakiness and sensitivity. Dry skin is a common condition often triggered by a PH level imbalance in your skin usually caused by environmental, topical or physiological factors. Dehydration of your skin can often be easily and effectively treated through the right choice of advanced skin treatments and an appropriate professionally recommended and monitored skin care regime. While based on professional experience, this information is still only a general guide to overall skin health. There is no substitute for coming in and talking to us personally. For a tailored treatment plan and specific advice come and see us for a complete skin profile where we will talk about your particular concern and what your skin needs.

What causes dry skin?

Dry, itchy skin can have many causes, PH imbalances, ageing and lifestyle factors all need to be taken into consideration. Excessive exposure to environmental elements like wind, rain, sunlight and cold may add to the severity of your dry skin. The negative effects of medication can also be a contributing factor.

HOW DO YOU treat dry and dehydrated skin?

The best thing to do is to come and see us. A professional Skin Therapist will perform a thorough skin profile with our skin scanner to determine which particular treatments will best treat your concerns. Together we will build a treatment plan to kick-start your skin’s hydration process and ensure rewarding long term results.



Use preservative, perfume and filler free products to avoid irritation and reactions.

The best moisturiser for dry skin contains Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronic Acid. It is naturally water binding and holds 1000 times its weight in water.

Use loose mineral makeup free from talc and preservatives

Drink plenty of water – up to two litres per day.

Avoid excessive sun exposure and wear a high quality sunscreen.

Attend a Skin Profile with your Therapist at Brazilian Beauty


LED Light Therapy attracts moisture to your skin to deliver a long-lasting hydrated complexion. It uses light-emitting diode technology to activate and promote collagen production. Enhanced collagen production stimulates cell renewal, hydrating the skin. It improves the overall texture of the epidermis for a more youthful appearance.

Professional Peels – AHAs and BHAs are a safe and effective way to remove dead skin cells without damaging the surface barrier of the skin. Peels allow for hydrated skin cells to move to the surface faster and for supporting products to penetrate deeper, resulting in fresher more hydrated skin.

Skin Needling is also known as collagen induction therapy. This therapy is extremely effective for promoting long term skin hydration. The underlying action of this treatment is simply stimulating the natural healing reaction of your skin to produce more collagen and elastin.

Hydra-Microdermabrasion gently removes dead, dull skin cells from your skin surface while stimulating production of new cells deep within the dermal layer.