Discover your skin’s story


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MediLight Skin Analyser Experience 20 minutes 49.95 Book Now

Discover your skin’s story with the MEDILIGHT SKIN ANALYSER EXPERIENCE.

Think you know your skin?  It’s a pretty complex organ with many more stories to tell than what you simply see on the surface.

Your skin is your body’s first line of defence against external aggressors such as UV radiation, pollution and lifestyle choices.   It’s also a reflection of your internal environment – a hidden archive of information that when brought to light, will reveal everything you need to know and do to keep it healthy and glowing with youthfulness. 

Journey below the surface…

Now, you can face the future by taking a look at your skin’s past.   The MediLight Skin analyser Experience is a revolutionary new skin diagnostic procedure that allows you to visually dive, deep under your skin’s surface to detect and report on your skin’s health.  

This fully digital skin experience uses advanced camera technology to scan the upper and 

lower layers of your skin, creating 8 different photographic reports of your skin’s current health

 and the extent of accumulated, underlying damage not visible to the naked eye.

Get ready to face the facts… 

Your underlying sun damage, oil distribution, bacterial impact as well as vascular sensitivities, surface condition and collagen/elastin and hydration levels will be photographed then analysed and collated to give you a comprehensive, visual report of your skin’s status.  

The information from your report will allow the system to create a personalised treatment plan and home care recommendation based on your skin’s individual needs, including your skin’s age prediction and current ranking compared to other’s in your same age group. 

Then, with the help of your experienced Brazilian Beauty Dermal Therapist, you will be able to commence your suggested MediLight skin journey and use the collection of photographs and diagnostic results to track your progress by digitally overlaying your results at each visit. 

Simply scan your QR code and your personalised MediLight Skin Analysis report and treatment plan will be sent to your phone for easy reference.