Behind every strong brow is an even stronger woman

For long-lasting beautifully sculpted brows

Henna Brow

Henna brows gives you the ability to achieve bold, beautifully sculpted eyebrows and camouflage gaps in over-plucked eyebrows or sparse brow hair.


Treatment   Price Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Henna Brow Tint 30 minutes $62.00 $49.17 Book Now
HD Henna Brow Perfection (Eyebrow Consultation, Eyebrow Mapping, Eyebrow Reshape & Henna Brow Tint) 40 minutes $82.00 $65.83 Book Now

Pre-treatment Advice

  • Ensure the skin is free of any spray tan residue
  • Tell your Therapist if you have any allergies

Post-treatment Advice

  • Keep your brows dry and free of makeup for 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Use the recommended aftercare and do not use oil-based products over your brows
  • Avoid using AHAs around the brow area

Brow Henna is a dye that is applied to the brows and skin to define the shape and fill in any gaps. This dye lasts longer than regular tint as it stains the skin and hair quite firmly, with the colour holding on the hairs for up to 6 weeks.

This treatment is perfect for all clients who:

  • Have gappy brows
  • Pencil or tint their brows
  • Like a bold brow
  • Have fine sparse hairs
  • Tint wears off quickly