Waxing Etiquette

At Brazilian Beauty, we believe everyone has the right to feel beautiful but when it comes to intimate waxing, there are a few things we won’t tolerate. 

Our Beauty Therapists deserve to perform their job in a safe, respectable environment so there is absolutely no room for inappropriate behaviour.

If you are considering visiting us for your waxing needs there’s just a few things you need to know and acknowledge so please take the time to read the following information so that we can offer you the best professional waxing experience ever.

What is intimate waxing?

Intimate waxing mainly refers to the waxing of the pubic area, also known as a Brazilian Wax, XXX Wax, Male Brazilian or Manzilian, but intimate waxing could be related to waxing of any part of your personal body whether you’re male or female.  

Who gets intimate waxing?

Our regular clients are women and men who mainly get this service done for the cleanliness and comfort factor.  From CEOs to Receptionists, bodybuilders, athletes and stay-at-home mums or week-end footy dads… our Aussie outdoor lifestyle breeds all kinds of active, busy people who like to stay clean and hair-free all over and ‘down under’.  Some though, just simply like the aesthetics of a waxed look and to be hair-free for their significant others.

What does a Brazilian wax include?

At Brazilian Beauty we use a combination of strip wax and hot wax, in our signature style, to remove body hair from the pubic area.

For women a Brazilian Wax includes: the top, sides, outer labia and inner buttocks.

For men a Male Brazilian includes: the scrotum, shaft, top, sides and inner buttocks.


Our Beauty Therapists have been specially trained in professional body waxing, including intimate waxing techniques.  To us, skin is skin and your intimate area is just another body part that needs hair removed.  While we try to make every client as comfortable as possible during the service please clearly understand we have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviour. 

If it’s your first time getting a Brazilian Wax we totally understand that you may be nervous and this can be an odd situation.  Your Beauty Therapist will instruct you on what to do so please follow the directions given during your service.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Make sure you recently showered… clean skin is better for waxing, and you’ll feel more comfortable during the service.
  • Don’t apply any lotion to the area before your waxing service… it makes it more difficult to wax.
  • Make sure there is at least a quarter inch of hair before you come to your appointment.  If you usually shave then stop shaving about three weeks before your appointment.
  • During your service, stick to a general conversation.  Penis jokes?…  Don’t do it.  Comment on our looks?… thanks but in this situation, that makes us totally uncomfortable.  Don’t ask if we wax our privates… it’s none of your business.  
  • And finally…. NEVER touch our Beauty Therapists!

We love our job and while we try to make everyone feel comfortable with our professionalism, we reserve the right to remove you from the service if you make our team members feel uncomfortable by displaying any inappropriate behaviour.