Eyelash Extension Memberships

Eyelash Extension Memberships

Keep those fluttery lashes forever beautiful with effortless fortnightly touch-ups; you’ll never have to worry about mascara again!

Treatment   Price
Classic, Hybrid or Volume Eyelash Extensions | 3 Month Membership $180/month Book Now
Classic, Hybrid or Volume Eyelash Extensions | 6 Month Membership $170/month Book Now
Classic, Hybrid or Volume Eyelash Extensions | 12 Month Membership $160/month Book Now

Membership Options

Your Eyelash Membership includes 2 refills per month of either classic, hybrid or volume eyelash extensions. To maintain the beautiful fullness of your extensions and the health of your natural lashes, we encourage each lash member to utilise both refills every month.

Please note: your membership does not include your initial full set. Please book this separately here.

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?
Often called Silk, or Individual Lashes, Classic Eyelash Extensions are the most natural-looking and lightweight option. They add length, curl and definition to your natural lashes without too much volume.

What Are Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions deliver length and volume and are by far the most popular style. A Hybrid set of lash extensions is created by using a mix of Classic and Volume lashes to give a wispy, textured look.

What Are Volume Extensions?
For those who want that glossy, bold and dramatic look, Volume lashes are for you! Volume lashes are created with pre-made groupings of multiple extensions and are available from 3D – 6D. The number indicates how many lash extensions are in the groupings – 3D being 3 extension. Each grouping is individually applied onto one of your eyelashes, creating intense length, volume, and drama.

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How To Sign Up

1. Click the link here to take you to the Memberships Page.

2. Choose your preferred Eyelash Extensions Membership and the duration of your choice (3, 6 and 12 month options are available).

3. Accept the terms and conditions.

4. Click the Buy Now button and fill in the payment details.

5. Success! You are set up and ready to reach your lash goals.

If you are having difficulty purchasing your membership, please get in touch for assistance, or visit us in clinic.

How To Book Your Refill

1. Once you have successfully signed up, you can book your treatments by heading to our booking page.

2. Select the clinic location closest to you.

3. Under ‘Select Category‘ scroll down and select ‘Lashes & Brows‘.

4. Select ‘Eyelash Extensions – Classic, Hybrid or Volume | 2 Week Refill‘.

5. Select the therapist you wish to book.

6. Select a day and time you wish to book.

7. Click ‘Book Appointment

8. Success! You are now booked in.

If you are having difficulty booking in your membership refills, please get in touch for assistance.