Eyebrow and Eyelash Sculpting & Tinting

Expertly define and sculpt your beautiful brows

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Eyebrow Sculpture & Eyebrow Tint 20 minutes $48.90 $38.25 Book Now
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Our specially trained Beauty Therapists help you achieve the perfect eyebrow shape with Brazilian Beauty’s signature eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tinting treatments.

Define your brows with specialist Eyebrow Sculpting and Eyebrow Tinting. We combine the latest eyebrow shaping and tinting techniques with salon quality products for a professional finish, every time.

Whether you’re after a simple eyebrow tidy or a comprehensive eyebrow makeover – our professional Therapists are here to help you achieve the best eyebrow shape for you. We’ll ensure you are 100% delighted with your brows every time you visit.

For more information please read our FAQ’s or speak to one of our professional Therapists.

Pre-treatment Advice

​Leave it to the professionals; don’t be tempted to pluck at home if you want to keep the perfect shape.

Show us pictures of eyebrow shapes that you love and we will work with you to achieve it.

It may take a few visits to get the perfect result.

Keep out of the sun and ensure you always wear a SPF prior to your visit.

Avoid chemical peels and powerful exfoliants 3 days before your eyebrow treatment.

Post-treatment advice

Don’t be tempted to pluck at home between eyebrow treatments.

Apply only mineral makeup after your eyebrow treatment; we will apply this for you in the salon.

If you suffer from folliculitis, let us know and we will apply a specific post treatment balm.

Avoid touching the area directly after your treatment.

If you have any irritation or concerns contact your nearest salon for help and advice.

Once you have your preferred brows, you might feel encouraged to attempt to maintain them at home. For best results leave your brow shaping to the professionals.

An eyebrow tidy is a basic tidy up of an already defined eyebrow shape. An eyebrow sculpture is a total reshape; we allow time for a longer consultation and extra time to define the perfect shape.

An eyebrow sculpt is a total brow makeover utilising all of our professional beauty tips, tricks and know-how to create an eyebrow area worthy of a Hollywood celebrity. We recommend eyebrow sculpting if you desire strong definition of your brow area, especially effective when framing your face to create an overall polished makeup look. During your consultation, your therapist will define your brow area with a Brow Artiste Kit, this will allow you to see what your brows are capable of. An eyebrow sculpture and eyebrow tint, double if necessary, are performed and the treatment is finished with the Brow Artiste Kit.

Extra care needs to be taken when waxing around the delicate eye area. We are professional fully qualified therapists and will always take care to ensure the appropriate support and superior quality wax is used to minimise any discomfort that may occur.


An eyebrow tidy is approximately 10 minutes and an eyebrow sculpture is 20 minutes, however we will take as much time as is needed to achieve the very best result for you.

From one to five treatments depending on your current eyebrow shape, the natural hair growth and the shape you are wishing to achieve. It’s all worth it for the perfect shape!

The eye area is very sensitive. After the application of wax there may be slight redness, however this happens to most clients. The redness will only be noticeable for a short time. We always apply a post-wax soothing product and mineral foundation to finish the treatment to minimise any redness and sensitivity that has occurred. You may feel like there are very small bumps on the area, this is the open inflamed follicle and will only be there for a short time.

Waxing can reduce the amount of hair growth on certain areas of the body, the hair becoming finer and sparser. However, facial hair can be caused by hormones and therefore may grow back thicker or darker if there are any imbalances. Hair growth on the eyebrows is not necessarily a bad thing. The more hair that grows back, the thicker your eyebrows will be and the more hair there is for your therapist to work with and shape.

Once you have had your initial eyebrow tidy or sculpture we recommend a visit to the salon every 2-4 weeks for maintenance treatments to keep your eyebrows looking gorgeous.


It is important to not pluck hairs between treatments. When plucking the hairs you are creating an irregular growth cycle for your eyebrow hairs and you could potentially over-pluck and ruin the shape. It is best to keep hairs in the same growth cycle for a smooth hair-free result that will last longer.







Eyebrow shaping isn’t all about hair removal. Don’t go into your treatment expecting the therapist to remove huge amounts of your eyebrow hair, and on the same note do not be afraid that they might do so. We will consult with you to achieve a look that will ensure your eyebrows do their utmost to enhance your best features.

Depending on your skin, hair type and age we will select the correct wax and technique for your individual needs.

To get the best possible shape and definition, tweezing may be performed. You can inform your therapist prior to your treatment if you do not wish to have tweezing done.

During your consultation we will determine your skin type, if you have very sensitive skin we will take extra care when waxing your eyebrows and ensure a calming product is applied to the skin directly after waxing.

Folliculitis is an inflammation or infection of the hair follicles which results in redness, bumpiness or little pimples. Bacteria enter the open follicles causing folliculitis. To minimise the chance of folliculitis occurring you should not touch the area after it has been waxed and avoid excessive sweating 24 hours after waxing.

Having your eyebrows tinted for the first time can be an exciting and daunting experience. First time tinters should always go half a shade darker than their natural base hair colour. This way there isn’t a drastic colour change but your eyebrows will appear much more defined and have more depth to them. For a more defined brow we recommend several shades darker than your hair colour to define and shape your facial features.

If your eyebrows are very sparse and thin then having very bold thick eyebrows may take some time. You should bring in a photo of your ideal eyebrow shape, from there we can talk to you about how long it will take to achieve a similar look.

At Brazilian Beauty we will have a file of your treatment history; it is available for us to see exactly how you wish to have your eyebrows shaped from visit to visit. The eyebrow area is a very intimate place to wax as the shape can change your appearance dramatically. We will always confirm you are happy with your shape and colour before commencing each treatment so your eyebrows will always look gorgeous!

There are 5 standard eyebrow shapes:
• Round
• Sharp angled
• Soft angled
• Curved
• Flat

Round – If your face is widest at the cheeks and appears almost as wide as it is long.
Long – If your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same width, your face is probably long.
Square – If your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same width and your jaw is also square.
Heart-Shaped – If your forehead and cheeks are about the same width and your chin is narrow and tapered to a point.
Oval – If your chin is slightly narrower than your forehead and tapers to a narrow oval with prominent cheeks.
Diamond-Shaped – If your face is widest at the cheekbone and your forehead is short and narrow, with angular features and pointed chin. (This is an uncommon shape.)

Once we have determined your face shape we can then identify the best possible eyebrow shape for your features. Here are a few tips on which brows will and won’t suit certain face shapes.

Round Face
Best brow shape: High arch, angled with a short tail to give a slimmer appearance.

Long Face
Best brow shape: A more horizontal, flat brow makes the face appear more oval.

Square Face
Best brow shape: Angled or curved, with a sharp peak to draw attention away from the square jaw.

Heart-Shaped Face
Best brow shape: Rounded, to soften the pointed chin.

Oval Face
Best brow shape: This face shape can accommodate a variety of brow shapes. Soft, angled brows are particularly flattering.

Diamond-Shaped Face
Best brow shape: An angled, round or curved brow with a peak to narrow the appearance of wide cheekbones.

Eyebrow waxing is a very safe and efficient method of eyebrow shaping. It is as safe as waxing elsewhere on the body. Our therapists are highly qualified, and will ensure you come to absolutely no harm.