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Safe and effective, permanent hair reduction

Intimate Area IPL

Ready to move on from waxing, shaving and tweezing? Then talk to us about IPL Permanent Hair Reduction and say bye-bye to unwanted hair for good.

Treatment   Price
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Brazilian IPL (female) 20 minutes From $79 Book Now
Brazilian and Underarm IPL (female) 20 minutes From $79 Book Now
Bikini IPL (female) 10 minutes From $49 Book Now
G String IPL (female) 10 minutes From $69 Book Now
Bottom only IPL (female) 10 minutes From $34 Book Now
Buttocks IPL 20 minutes From $49 Book Now
Brazilian IPL (male) 40 minutes From $139 Book Now
G String IPL (male) 20 minutes From $109 Book Now
Bikini IPL (male) 10 minutes From $55 Book Now
Bottom only IPL (male) 10 minutes From $59 Book Now
Pre-treatment Shaving Fee 10 minutes From $30 Book Now

There’s beauty in everyone

We are proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community and are committed to creating beautiful experiences for all clients. As a company in the business of making our clients feel beautiful, we value diversity and inclusivity in our clinics.
We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your individual intimate area hair removal journey.



IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Permanent Hair Reduction, sometimes referred to as ‘laser hair removal’, is a safe, fast and effective way to achieve long-term hair reduction on all areas of the face and body, allowing you to do away with regular shaving or waxing and enjoy hair-free, smooth skin.

At Brazilian Beauty, our specially trained team of IPL technicians use the latest IPL Hair Reduction equipment and technology to deliver outstanding results; with tailored treatments suitable for a variety of skin tones and types, guaranteeing safe, long-term permanent hair reduction.

As experts in Hair Removal, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with effective and affordable IPL Hair Reduction from 10 convenient locations across Brisbane.

Book a complimentary consultation with one of our professional IPL technicians to determine if IPL Permanent Hair Reduction is the right treatment for you.



IPL and Laser Hair Removal works by harnessing the energy produced by light to target and heat the hair follicles; causing a controlled coagulation that renders the follicle unable to produce new hair growth.

In particular, IPL technology uses a pulsed light of multiple wave lengths to safely target a variety of hair types on light to medium dark skin tones, without damaging the surrounding skin.

IPL and Laser hair removal technology is most effective when treatments are performed during your hair’s ‘growth phase’ and will require a series of sessions (6-12 in general) in order to target the hair at the right time. However, you will notice significant hair reduction after each session.



While both IPL and Laser technology is used to reduce hair growth, the difference is in the type of light that is used.

Laser utilises a single and focused wave length of light to target the hair follicles at a specific depth. In contrast, IPL utilises a wide beam of multiple wavelengths that pulse down through the skin to target follicles at multiple depths.

As well as having the ability to cover a larger area of hair in a shorter time, our IPL devices can also be adjusted to specifically match different skin and hair types; allowing us to personally customise the most suitable treatment settings for your individual needs.

Furthermore, the broad spectrum light produced by our state-of-the-art, medical grade IPL systems are also effective in treating a variety of different skin concerns, such as pigmentation, age spots and freckles as well superficial thread veins, spider veins and general skin rejuvenation. Click here for more information on our IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatments.



IPL Permanent Hair Reduction is safe when performed by a trained professional, however it’s important to recognise that not everybody is suitable for IPL treatments.

Our team of experienced IPL technicians have been thoroughly trained in the client assessment and consultation protocols used to determine your suitability for IPL Hair Reduction treatment.

Book a complimentary consultation and come chat to one of our IPL technicians. We will answer any questions you may have and assess whether IPL Hair Reduction is appropriate for you.



IPL hair removal will permanently treat all suitable hair follicles in the target area over a course of treatments when performed at the correct intervals as recommended by your IPL Technician.

However, keep in mind that not all hair follicles are in the ‘growth phase’ at the same time, and some follicles can actually lay dormant for up to 12 months before producing new hair. Also, hormonal changes and medications can also activate previously dormant hair follicles to begin producing a small amount of hair.

In general, a target of 80% reduction of existing, treatable hair is considered baseline after your initial sessions; with some yearly maintenance or touch up sessions recommended in order to treat any active follicles that may appear from time to time.



Absolutely! If you are looking for professional IPL hair removal of the full body and/or intimate areas, such as brazilian IPL hair removal, then you have come to the right place.

Pre-treatment Advice

Check with your doctor if you have any health concerns or are taking any medications.

Do not wax or tweeze for four weeks prior to your treatment.

Shave the area prior to your treatment, leaving a small patch of hair for your therapist to access colour and thickness in order to achieve best results.

Post-treatment Advice

  • Avoid sun exposure throughout your course of treatments. If the area does become exposed to the sun, ensure it is protected with a high quality sunscreen. (You should be wearing sunscreen all the time to protect your skin!)
  • Soothe the area post-treatment with a high quality repair moisturiser.
  • Don’t tweeze or pull at hairs, they will
  • fall out naturally.
  • Exfoliate three days after your treatment with an exfoliating mitt.
  • Don’t expose the treated area to the sun or sunbeds for the duration of your IPL treatment schedule.
  • Avoid excessive exercise and sweating after your treatment to avoid irritation.
  • Don’t use AHAs or retinol on the treated area for three days before and after your treatment.
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water for 24 hours after your IPL treatment.
  • Attending all treatments at the regular intervals and sticking to the schedule advised by your Therapist will maximise your benefits of IPL Permanent Hair Reduction.