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Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown Hairs can be embarrassing but with proper care they are very easy to clear up.

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Ingrown hairs are not attractive or comfortable but thankfully they can be easily and effectively dealt with. When a hair grows sideways, curls back into the skin or gets trapped due to dead skin cells it can cause irritation. It can present as a curly hair that comes out of the skin and then re-enters the pore, a small red bump or a larger more seriously infected lesion may result. The main symptoms of ingrown hairs are itching, tenderness or visible red spots. Take special care to treat ingrown hairs quickly to ensure the condition doesn’t get any worse.

While we’ve seen our share of ingrown hairs, everyone is different and this information should be regarded as a general guide for overall skin health. There is no substitute for coming in and talking to us personally. For a tailored treatment plan and specific advice, come and see us for a complete skin profile where we will talk about your particular condition and how we help you get rid of those irritating ingrown hairs.

What causes ingrown hairs?

This condition may affect you if you have naturally coarse hair and certain aspects of your skin care routine could even be making it worse. The skin on your body deserves the same level of care you give to your face. In other words: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. Lack of exfoliation causes a buildup of dead skin cells and debris which can make it difficult for the hair to grow through the skin naturally. Tight underwear and certain synthetic clothing materials can also aggravate certain areas and cause ingrown hairs.

How can I treat ingrown hairs?

Start by coming in to see us to discuss your condition and we will tell you how we can help. Your professional Skin Therapist will perform a thorough skin profile to determine the best treatment plan to target your particular concern. An ingrown hair will sometimes dislodge itself, but in most cases it will need some encouragement. Regular exfoliation and topical creams can assist in drawing these hairs out. However, the most effective and long-term treatment solution is IPL technology. This is a permanent hair reduction treatment and it means that once treated ingrown hairs will not re-occur.

Book in for a free skin consultation with our professional skin Therapists, they will profile your skin using a skin scanner to determine the best course of treatments to reduce your acne and help to heal your skin.

We believe in recommending you products that are beneficial to your skin and will produce results. That is why we are proud to provide tailored skin care regimes from ASI – The Australian Skin Institute to our clients.

What You Can Do

Do not aggravate the area with tight clothing. Avoid excessive sweating 24 hours after shaving or waxing

Use the recommended post hair removal products to slow down and encourage finer hair growth

Exfoliate the area with an exfoliation mitt 2-3 days after your hair removal treatment, and cleanse with an antibacterial wash

If ingrown hairs appear, use an appropriate skin clearing lotion daily until the condition clears

Do not touch or squeeze your ingrown hairs to avoid spreading bacteria and further aggravating the area

What We Can Do

Our professional Skin Therapists will be able to recommend the best treatment solution for your skin needs whether it be a long-term solution such as IPL Permanent Hair Reduction or an at home treatment plan like below.

Our three step treatment plan

CLEANSE: Thoroughly cleanse the area with an antibacterial tea tree wash to clean out any bacteria from your pores and thus reduce the risk of further infection.

EXFOLIATE: Exfoliation is vital to ensure that the dead skin cells are removed and the hairs therefore aren’t trapped under your skin. We recommend a Professional Grade Body Exfoliation Cloth

HYDRATE: Finally, moisturise with ASI clearing lotion to ensure your skin is hydrated and soft.