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Understanding your skin

Acne, scarring, breakouts & congestion

We have a variety of treatments and a range of cosmeceutical-grade skincare to target acne, acne scarring, breakouts & congestion.

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We can help you reach your skin goals

Acne can be a challenging skin concern to live with. Fortunately, progress has been made in understanding and treating acne. This common condition is often triggered by more than just puberty or hormonal changes. Factors such as a poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, inferior skincare products or simply not taking enough care of your skin can all generate unwanted outbreaks.

While based on professional experience, this information is still just a general guide for overall skin health. There is no substitute for coming in and talking to us personally. For a tailored treatment plan and specific advice come and see us for a complete skin profile where we will talk about your particular concern and what your skin needs. Click here to book your free skin consultation.


What causes acne?

Besides the obvious triggers already mentioned, there are many other potential causes of acne and various options for treating and reducing this distressing condition. Remember, acne does not need to be permanent! If you treat your skin with the right cleansing and maintenance routine, find out the source of your breakouts, and take care of them as soon as they appear, then the concern can thankfully be short-lived.


Is there a permanent cure?

While knowledge of the condition and the quality of treatment continues to expand, acne remains a potentially complicated condition. Today, there are many effective ways to drastically reduce the severity of breakouts and control oil flow. However, it is important to recognise that persistent acne can be a symptom of more serious underlying problems that you may need to consult a doctor or dermatologist about. Advanced skin treatments, when used regularly, are a cost-effective and proven long-term method for controlling acne and oily skin.

Book a free skin consultation with our professional skin Therapists, they will profile your skin using a skin scanner to determine the best course of treatments to reduce your acne and help to heal your skin.


Suitable Treatments

Your professional Skin Therapist will perform a thorough skin profile with our skin scanner to determine which treatments will best target your concerns and design a treatment plan to deliver the best possible ongoing results. Everyone is different. No two approaches are exactly the same.

The following treatments may be recommended to target acne, acne scarring, breakouts & congestion.

LED Light Therapy

kills acne-causing bacteria, reduces redness & inflammation and improves overall skin health. Find out more.

Professional Peels

Completely customisable, our Pro Peel range can be used to fade acne scarring, reduce congestion, smooth skin texture and prevent future breakouts. Find out more.


An advanced skin treatment used to flush out your pores, smooth skin texture & reduce congestion. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to target blackheads. Find out more.

Advanced Skin Resurface

Combining professional peels with Hydra-Micro and a peptide infusion. This results-driven facial is used to target, congestion, blackheads, rough skin texture and dullness. Find out more.

Skin Needling

A targeted treatment used for a variety of skin concerns, including acne scarring. Skin Needling stimulates your natural healing response to help minimise and reduce pitting or scarring caused by acne. This treatment is only suitable once active breakouts & acne have cleared. Find out more.


Lifestyle Tips

  • Avoid touching your face
  • Use recommended products and stick to your skincare regime
  • Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water
  • Wash makeup brushes regularly with antibacterial washes to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Stress produces cortisol which aggravates the skin and can lead to acne. It’s important to destress, unwind and relax, to keep your skin clear, and your mind calm
  • Change bath towels and pillowcases every few days to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria
  • Reduce the build-up of oils and bacteria with a gentle targeted cleanser.
  • Do not squeeze active acne
  • Avoid using abrasive skin scrubs, opt for a gentle chemical exfoliant or peel
  • Use non-comedogenic cosmetics and makeup
  • Avoid using skincare products containing excess perfumes, preservatives and additives
  • Exercise! Regular exercise is great for your overall health and wellbeing