Advanced Skin Resurfacing Facial

A powerful and targeted skin treatment designed for advanced results.

Treatment   Price Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Skin Resurfacing Facial 50 minutes $162.95 $135,79 Book Now

The treatment starts with Hydra-Microdermabrasion, an advanced facial technology that gently removes dead, dull skin cells from your skin surface while stimulating production of new cells deep within the dermal layer. This physical exfoliation is performed to reveal a beautiful new you.

For more information on Hydra-Microdermabrasion please visit the treatment page here.


A chemical exfoliant will them be performed. Professional Peels are a fast, effective and non-invasive skin treatment, for immediate cell renewal and a refreshed complexion. We only use Professional Peels developed by The Australian Skin Institute (ASI), formulated with premium ingredients to deliver the best possible results.

Your professional Skin Therapist will recommend a specific formulation that will give you the best results and address your particular skin concerns. We offer a range of strengths and formulations to suit your preferences including sensitive, mature, youthful, & acne/oily.

For more information on Professional Chemical Peels please visit the treatment page here.


ASI – Australian Skin InstitutePeptide Infused Dermal Face Lift Mask, dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging on the entire face and ensures 24 hour- lasting hydration. An instant wrinkle filling, rejuvenating and plumping effect is provided by boosting collagen, elastin and hydration.

For more information on ASI’s Peptide Infuson Dermal Face Lift Mask please visit the treatment page here. 



  • When getting any facial treatment make sure you come to your appointment with knowledge on any medications you are taking or allergies you have.
  • We will ask about your current concerns and what you use on your skin (skin care, makeup and sunscreen)
  • You may come to your appointment with or without makeup
  • Avoid DIrect Sunlight prior to your treatment- burn skin can be very sensitive
  • Complete all your waxing on your face at least 1 day prior



  • Use fresh, active skin care that has been recommended by your therapist if you wish to see results and progress.
  • Always wear an SPF and avoide direct sunlight
  • Try not to touch your skin after your facial treatment
  • Do not have any waxing or spray tanning the day of your treatment
  • Avoid using skin care products with artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives. Instead, Use fresh, active skin care that has been recommended by your therapist if you wish to see results and progress.
  • Keep to the same routine and don’t give up if you are not seeing results straight away.
  • Avoid Make-up that is not mineral based and will clog your skin.
  • Schedule a maintenance facial