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Pro Peels

Remove old skin cells to reveal a beautiful new you

Treatment   Price
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Pro-Peel Facial | 30 mins 30 minutes From $99 Book Now
Pro-Peel Facial | 60 mins 60 minutes From $159 Book Now

Treat your skin to a little professional refreshment. A refreshed and renewed looking you may be just a peel away. Professional Peels are a fast, effective and non-invasive skin treatment, for immediate cell renewal and a refreshed complexion. We only use Professional Peels developed by The Australian Skin Institute (ASI), formulated with premium ingredients to deliver the best possible results.

Your professional Skin Therapist will recommend a specific formulation that will give you the best results and address your particular skin concerns. We offer a range of strengths and formulations to suit your preferences.

Sensitive Skin Peel

This Peel will help reduce the appearance of redness, sun damage, acne and fine lines. Glycolic acid assists in the regeneration of collagen and elastin. This is a great starter peel if you have never had skin treatments or used ASI before. The Sensitive Peel is perfect for dark skin types as they are more prone to a skin reaction. This can also be an ongoing peel for clients with sensitive skin.

Mature Skin Peel

This Peel is ideal if you want to reduce the ageing effect of fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic Acid exfoliates, regenerating collagen and elastin while reducing the evidence of sun damage, uneven skin tone and fine lines. Gentle Lactic Acid reduces your skin’s sensitivity while effectively reducing sun spots, hyper pigmentation and other skin discolourations.

Youthful Skin Peel

If you are blessed with beautiful young-looking skin this is a great way to keep it. The Youthful Peel is the perfect treatment for preventing premature ageing, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. This 25% Glycolic Peel will remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter, evenly textured, supple skin. Glycolic Acid exfoliates while stimulating and regenerating collagen and elastin to slow down the ageing process and keep that fresh renewed look. Glycolic Acid also reduces the appearance of sun damage and fine lines.

Oily & Acne Prone Skin Peel

Renew and restore clarity with this highly effective, pore-cleansing acne treatment. Salicylic Acid delivers an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action effectively treating excess oil, congestion, blackheads, breakouts and acne.

Pre-treatment Advice

  • Before your peel your professional Skin Therapist will perform a detailed skin profile to determine which Pro-Peel will be best for your skin and your concerns.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure prior to your treatment.
  • Prepare your skin using professional skincare 3 days prior to your treatment.

Post-treatment Advice

  • Use fresh, active skin care recommended by your Therapist.
  • Wear a professional grade sunscreen throughout your course of treatments.
  • Try not to touch your skin after your peel. Do not use tinted moisturiser or liquid foundation for at least 12 hours post-peel. Powdered mineral makeup is recommended instead.
  • Any minor irritations or skin flaking, caused by new cells turning over rapidly, can be easily taken care of by applying a high quality hydration serum. These symptoms should subside after 5-7 days.

Pregnant women can definitely have peels. However, keep in mind that your skin will react more readily due to increased levels of progesterone during pregnancy.

There is no overwhelming “cure” for acne. However, the Oily/Acne Skin Pro Peel will definitely reduce the symptoms of acne, and will also fight the bacteria which leads to it. The best cure for acne is consistency and dedication to a proven program.

Our facial peels are very potent, and the effect of a single treatment is long-lasting. The only concern here would be redness and dehydrated skin which accompanies most intensive acne-reduction treatments. However, we can definitely provide products which will ease these concerns.

No. There may be slight discomfort as the Peel is applied to your skin, the peels feel like a gentle tingling on the skin. This usually reduces after a few minutes. Your therapist will either fan or massage your skin to soothe any tingling. The feeling can intensify depending on how much product is used, how long it is left on the skin for, and the sensitivity of the individual.

A peel will definitely help with the signs of aging. While it doesn’t reverse the amount of years you’ve lived, it will certainly erase some of the evidence. Fine lines, pigmentation and other blemishes are considerably reduced by all peels in the range.

This depends entirely on individual situations. Your skin sensitivity, age, sex, genetics and particular concern will determine how many treatments you require. Some view peels as a necessary, consistent expense to ensure their skin is always clear and bright.


If you have an acne peel, expect to see fewer new pimples,fewer blackheads, and clearer healthier skin. The mature and youthful peels aim to reduce fine lines and pigmentation, and also strongly promote skin cell regeneration.

Absolutely. Of course, everyone’s suitability is assessed during a consultation prior to the treatment.