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4 reasons to get IPL before Summer comes back around

Whilst hair removal is a summer essential, if you’re looking to permanently reduce your fuzz the best time to invest in IPL and Laser treatments is in the cooler months. Team BB uncover the top reasons why IPL and Laser treatments are best performed in Autumn and Winter.

Get Hair-free in time for Summer

Timing is everything when it comes to IPL Laser Hair Removal with the most obvious benefit being smooth hair-free skin in time for the warmer months! Most IPL Laser treatments require 8-12 sessions depending on your skin and hair-type which means 3 - 4 months of protecting your skin from free radicals and sun exposure. This sounds like an arduous task, however it’s made super simple in the cooler months as we naturally seek the indoors and wear protective clothing. Spending time in the clinic over winter means you can show off your ridiculously silky-smooth skin the moment summer rolls in, ensuring you are 100% beach-ready at a moment’s notice!

Sun exposure can irritate or inflame skin post IPL

When receiving IPL treatments it is always recommended clients stay away from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. This ensures skin sensitised by IPL treatments will stay protected, reducing the risk greatly of skin damage. Exposure to sunlight can mean the treatment will be less effective which means results may not be as amazing. Furthermore, excessive sun exposure post-IPL can cause skin irritation and inflammation so it’s best to steer clear of direct sunlight beauties and use a protective cream. 

IPL Laser Hair Removal is less effective on sun damaged or tanned skin types

Your gorgeous summer glow, while stunning, can impede on your permanent hair reduction treatments. In short, the light in IPL is attracted to the dark pigment of the follicle, which causes thermal damage to retard future hair growth. If you’re rocking a summer tan it makes it harder for the light to seek out the darker pigments in the skin (the hairs). This in turn may make the hair reduction procedure less effective meaning you may need extra treatments.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation also works more effectively in cooler weather

If you’re looking to revitalise dull, tired or ageing skin, the cooler months are also the best time to hit the refresh button for your complexion. Because your skin can be a little more sensitive to the sunlight, it’s best to avoid excessive or frequent sun exposure - particularly on your face. Sun exposure can exacerbate irritation and sensitivity and may reduce the efficacy of IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation.

In the cooler months we tend to spend a lot more time indoors and out of the sun, making it the perfect time to heal and rejuvenate skin. To maximise the results of your IPL Rejuvenation always remember to avoid excess sun and heat (including long steamy showers) and always nourish your skin with appropriate after care formulas. 


If you have ever considered going the extra mile and treating yourself to IPL Laser treatments, Autumn and Winter are the best time to take the plunge. With less sun exposure and less chance of skin irritation, it's the best time to prepare your skin for those hot summer months!


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