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Let’s Talk Tattoo Removal!

      • What is laser tattoo removal?

Removal of ink pigments from the skin via the lymphatic system.  

      • How long does the laser tattoo removal procedure take?
  Treatment duration ranges depending on the size of the tattoo, small tattoos take as little as 1 minute, large tattoos can take up to an hour.  

      • How do I prepare for the treatment?
  Avoid fake tan on the area to be treated, avoid blood thinner and photosensitising medications.  

      • What do I need to do for post-treatment care?
  Keep the area covered/ dressed with a bandage for 24hrs. After this time remove dressings and thoroughly clean area. If blistering is present apply Bepanthen and re-dress area. Keep this dressing on until blisters flatten out. Bepanthen can be used morning and night to keep the area clean and bacteria free.  

      • What is the treatment procedure?
  The area to be treated is iced to ease some of the sensations, test shots are performed to determine the best setting to treat on, the whole area is then treated. Lastly, Bepanthen is applied and the area is dressed.  

      • Is laser removal tattoo painless?
  The treatment feels like a very hot rubber band flicking the skin rapidly. Area of heavy, dark ink will feel more intense than areas with less ink.    

      • What are the side effects directly after the treatment?
  Pinpoint bleeding, redness, inflammation, swelling and bruising can occur.     

      • Can I have the treatment done if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
  No, the treatment cannot be performed during pregnancy or when breastfeeding as the ink in drained through lymphatics.    

      • How many sessions do I need?
  The amount of treatments needed for a full removal of a tattoo varies as it can depend on the location of the tattoo, how heavy the ink is, the type of ink and colours used, if it is a new tattoo and if it was done professional or amateur. The efficiency of the individual's lymphatic system will also impact the number of treatments needed. Less treatment will be needed if you require a cover-up as you won't need ink to be completely gone.    

      • Does the skin look normal after the treatment and can you tell you have had the tattoo removed?
  Temporary pigment changes can occur, (hyper/hypo- pigmentation), this improves with controlled sun exposure and will naturally correct over time.    

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