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Boost Hair Growth Naturally with Skin Needling and PRP Treatment

At Brazilian Beauty, we understand that hair loss is a common concern among many of our clients. That's why we offer skin needling with PRP for hair rejuvenation – one of our most popular treatments. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of this treatment, who it's suitable for, and some tips for maintaining healthy hair growth.    

Skin needling with PRP for hair rejuvenation is a minimally invasive treatment that harnesses the body's natural healing process to stimulate hair growth. During the treatment, a small handheld device is used to create micro-injuries on the scalp. These micro-injuries trigger the body's natural healing response, which promotes collagen & elastin production and hair follicle regeneration.    

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a component of the patient's blood that contains high levels of growth factors. A small sample of the patient's blood is drawn and processed to extract the PRP, which is then applied to the scalp during the skin needling treatment to enhance the results and further stimulate hair growth.    

The benefits of skin needling with PRP for hair rejuvenation are numerous. Patients can expect to see an increase in hair density and thickness and an improvement in hair texture and quality. The treatment also promotes the growth of new hair follicles, resulting in fuller, healthier hair. This treatment is suitable for both men and women experiencing hair loss or thinning.    

Aside from the treatment itself, there are also some lifestyle changes that can help promote healthy hair rejuvenation. These include reducing stress, using gentle hair products and avoiding harsh chemicals or heat styling tools, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.    

Brazilian Beauty offers complimentary hair rejuvenation consultations with our Registered Nurses. Our experienced team can assess your hair loss concerns and recommend a personalised treatment plan that's right for you.    

For more information about our skin needling with PRP for hair rejuvenation treatment or to book a consultation, click here.