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6 Things To Know About Double Chin Injectable

Fullness under the chin can impact how a person feels about themselves and, for both women and men, can lead to feelings of negative self-impression.   1- What is the Double Chin Fat Dissolver Treatment? The Double Chin Fat Dissolver Treatment is an individually-tailored, injectable treatment that permanently destroys fat cells under the chin.   2- How long does the procedure take? The procedure is a non-surgical treatment. The injectable treatment is completed in clinic by one of our Registered Nurses and should take approximately 15-20 minutes.   3- How does the treatment work? The active ingredient in the treatment is Deoxycholic Acid. When injected below the chin, Deoxycholic Acid helps to break down dietary fat, resulting in a more contoured neck profile and jawline.   4- Is it painful? Double Chin Fat Dissolver injections are administered using a very fine needle. Many people say they feel like a mosquito bite. Without local anaesthesia, we would rate the pain of the injections at around 0.5/10.   5- How many treatments will I need? You will experience visible improvement of your chin profile in 2 - 4 treatments. Some people require up to 6 treatments in order to achieve their best results. Once your desired results are achieved, re-treatment is not expected as results are maintained for at least 4 years.   6- Are there any negative side effect? As with other injectables, you may experience side effects after the procedure. The most common side effects include injection-site redness, moderate pain, firmness, mild swelling, lumps and bumps, bruising, itching or discolouration. In the vast majority of cases, these effects are temporary and should resolve within a week.   Pre-treatment advice: Start by booking a consultation with your Registered Nurse, to determine the type of treatment appropriate for your skin type. Prior to the treatment, the Registered Nurse can apply ice packs or topical and/or injectable local anaesthesia (e.g lidocaine) to the treatment area to make you more comfortable. If needed, you can also take over-the-counter pain medication before your appointment.   Post-treatment advice: Avoid touching, rubbing or applying pressure to the treated area. Be patient. Whilst some results are instant; others may take up to seven days to become visible. You may need to minimise exercise for 24 hours after some treatments. Maintain your skincare regime. Continue to exfoliate and cleanse regularly. You will need to wait approximately two weeks post some treatments before undergoing facial treatments.   We’d love to answer your questions. For more information please read our FAQ’s here or speak to one of our professional friendly team.