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Our Amazing Skin: Fascinating Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you ever stopped to think about how truly amazing your skin is? Regardless of your skin’s current state of play - how it looks to you on the outside - your skin is constantly hard at work doing a very important job for you.

In fact, in order to protect you from infection and disease, your skin sheds around 30 000 to 40 000 dead skin cells every minute of every day... that’s 50 million cells every day and 4kgs per year!

Up close (super close), the surface of your skin looks like scaly armour. This amour has the ability to renew and regenerate itself every 28 days by constantly shedding its outer layer and allowing new cells to come to the surface. Of course, age and health (as well as other factors) contribute to how efficiently our skin regenerates, but when you think about what your skin actually has to endure each and every day, it’s absolutely mind blowing!

Your skin is a waterproof barrier but will still allow certain substances to pass in or out through its structure; such as excreting waste products via sweat and perspiration, or absorbing topical skincare containing beneficial vitamins, hydrators and antioxidants.

Skin is soft and pliable and can stretch as we move and grow, but it’s strong enough to withstand all sorts of external attacks like heat, cold, bumps and bacterial invasion. The process of shedding is actually the way in which the skin can keep itself strong and robust.

Even more amazingly, if something does manage to break through this barrier of awesomeness… then your skin is equipped with everything it needs to fight off the enemy, then heal right back up again.

Unfortunately, our modern way of living puts a lot of stress on our skin. What we do (or don’t do) to our skin directly affects how efficiently our skin can do its job of protecting us. Think about the sun and our polluted environment. Whether you smoke or not… and how much alcohol you consume. Think about all the chemicals, hormonally, and genetically modified foods we eat and the water we drink (or don’t drink)... all these factors impact our skin’s performance.

Take care of your skin so it can take care of you! Eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Cut down on sugar and drink plenty of water! Most importantly, counteract environmental impact by keeping your skin clean, nourished and protected from the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

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