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How to Get Rid of Sun Damaged Skin with IPL Skin Rejuvenation

No matter how much we love the feel of the sun on our skin, we must acknowledge that the rays that emanate from it can damage our skin. It is, therefore, imperative that you protect yourself from sun-induced skin conditions by not just staying away from direct sunlight, but more so, using a sunscreen.

What is sun damage?

Well, the sun's heat dries out unprotected skin, and the ultraviolet radiation burns the skin and causes long term changes in its structure. Over time the signs of sun damage start showing. These signs include wrinkles, dryness, flakiness, and hyperpigmentation.

Can sun damage be treated?

Fortunately, according to experts, there are ways to reverse sun damage. While it is not possible to erase all the damage done, there are products you can use and treatments you can undertake to undo some of the effects of sun damage. One such treatment that has proven to be effective is the IPL Skin Rejuvenation.

What is IPL?

Intensive Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation applies the power of light to undo visible signs of sun damage and aging. This in-office treatment helps clear pigmentation, sun damage, and age spots that result from prolonged sun exposure. Accordingly, IPL Skin Rejuvenation is not only non-invasive but also non-ablative. For complete facial rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin, you need a series of IPL treatments.

How does it work?

IPL therapy works on the same principles as laser treatment, in that light is absorbed into particular target cells with colour in the skin. However, IPL treatments are different from laser treatments in that they deliver many wavelengths in each pulse of light. Plus, most IPL systems make use of filters to refine the energy output when treating specific areas, which enables penetration without using excessive energy levels. What advantage does IPL afford you? Most importantly, it requires minimal downtime, and patients are often able to resume their day to day activities immediately after the procedure.

Who should try IPL?

Fairer skin tones are ideal for this treatment. It works best when there is more contrast between the target colour and the base skin colour. This attribute means dark spots on fair skin will be easier to treat. Regardless, some darker skin types are unsuitable because they have too much melanin to manage safely. With darker skin tones, the skin surrounding the pigmented patches absorbs some of the light during treatment—understandably because there is more pigment in the skin. Subsequently, this may injure the skin or leave it lighter or darker than it was at the beginning.

How should you prepare for your treatment?

For at least four weeks preceding your treatment, you should keep away from direct sunlight and wear a sunscreen of at least SPF 30+ every day. Such an approach will prevent further UV damage. Do not use any fragrances or irritating cosmetic products for three days before your treatment. Plus, you should also visit your clinic for a patch test to ascertain that you are suitable for the procedure.

What should you expect during treatment?

IPL skin treatment can be slightly uncomfortable. But you shouldn't expect unbearable discomfort during the procedure. Immediately after the treatment, you may experience a sunburn, redness, and temperature sensitivity. The sunburn and redness may persist for a few hours post-treatment, and the temperature sensitivity may last a few days.

How should you care for your skin post-treatment?

After treatment, you must keep out of the sun and wear sunscreen daily. Do not get your skin hot for at least 24 hours post-treatment. What does this mean? No saunas, exercise, hot showers, or steam baths. If you are treating hyperpigmentation, you may also experience a grazed appearance—but do not pick on the grazed skin or exfoliate it until it returns to its normal state. If you have sun-damaged skin and you would like to treat it using an effective non-abrasive procedure, IPL treatment is a good option. It will reverse the signs of sun damage, leaving you looking and feeling younger and refreshed. Book an IPL skin Rejuvenation with our local Brazilian Beauty clinic/salon today for quality service and visible results.