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Your Guide to First Date Beauty

Like the myriad of women preparing for first dates around the world, the 48 hours prior to your (hopefully) whimsical evening are the most crucial for your beauty routine.

Let’s face it, a first date is also an excellent excuse to indulge in a luscious set of eyelash extensions, pamper yourself with a facial and change up your regular make-up look.

To ensure you put your best face (and body) forward, there’s a few beauty know-hows to have mastered prior to the big date.

Be a smoothie

Wax at least 3 days prior to the big event, this goes for both facial and delicate areas. Getting your monthly wax too soon before the date could result in blotchy, reddened and sensitised skin - particularly if you’re not following a suitable after-care regime. Better yet, invest in IPL permanent hair reduction, and expect year round smoothness for every date you’ll ever go on. If you’re experiencing any discomfort, redness or bumps make sure you look in to an effective clearing lotion that will calm any irritation and banish pesky in-growns.

Freshen up

A first date is the ultimate excuse to indulge in a little extra TLC and treat your skin. Reveal a glowing complexion and flush out toxins with a gentle, yet powerful Microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion is our most popular treatment for beauties in their 20’s - for good reason. You can expect instantly soft, smooth skin after just one treatment. Your pores will look more refined, blemishes reduced and skin will feel softer than silk. After any kind of exfoliation always nourish your skin with a vitamin-enriched moisturiser or mask. Your skin will look positively radiant. If that doesn’t make him swoon, we don’t know what will!

Go Au Naturale

Men love the natural look - unbeknownst to them, it can take a lot of precision make-up application to look achieve it. First things first, ace that base. Almost every gentleman will tell you, the ‘cake face’ look is a complete no-no. If you haven’t tried mineral make-up, now’s your chance. Do away with heavy liquids and mousses and replace them with a buildable shine-free mineral make-up that is actually good for your skin. So good in fact - you can sleep in it (though we advise against it!). If you’re applying make-up, stick to earthy tones and don’t over do it on the lippy - especially if you’re expecting a little smooch to seal the deal at the end of the night. Bronze shades swept across your eyelids with manicured brows and a touch of rose dusted over your cheekbones is your ultimate fool-proof beauty look!

Lash out

Eyes are the window to the soul so they say. If that’s the case - make sure you have an extremely decadent window. A little extra assistance in the lash department never goes astray. A full set of voluminous lash extensions can make all the difference in adding a little extra drama and opening the eyes. If you’ve dreamt of Kardashian lashes, a trip to your local salon for professional eyelash extension application is in order. Flirt with confidence and flaunt a full set of fluttering lashes. Don’t forget to give him a sexy wink across the table… just because.

At Brazilian Beauty we are your go-to skin counsel - here to ensure you are looking and feeling head-to-toe gorgeous for your big date. Just be sure to be yourself and let your natural beauty shine through! What’s not to love?