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Brisbane’s Best Spray Tanning: Get A Healthier Golden Glow With HYDR8TAN

There’s no doubt that spray tanning is the quickest and healthiest way to achieve that all-over golden glow, and with the festive season in full swing, now is the time to experience Brisbane’s best spray tanning with the team at Brazilian Beauty.

Perfectly Tanned In Just 2 Hours

Spray tanning is always a better option than baking your skin in the sun’s harmful UV radiation, ut to achieve the best spray tanning results, it’s important that you choose a spray tanning product formulated with natural and organic ingredients that not only tan, but nourish your skin as well.

Exclusively used at Brazilian Beauty, our HYDR8TAN spray tanning formulation contains natural and organic ingredients that produce a beautiful, flawless tan in just 2 hours. Unlike other rapid tans, your skin won't feel dry and rough. Thanks to HYDR8TAN’s Aloe Vera, Glycerine and vitamin E base, your skin will get the best spray tanning results while still feeling super soft and hydrated.

Ecocert active tanning ingredients in HYDR8TAN - DHA and Erythrulose - not only create the tanned effect on the skin but are also skin conditioning. Added Grapefruit extract enhances the best spray tanning experience by creating a tightening and conditioning tonic that produces a feeling of well-being on the skin.

HYDR8TAN is also uniquely formulated with Kakadu Plum extract to detoxify the skin while providing both antibacterial and antioxidant protection against environmental factors such as pollution and sun exposure.

Spray Tanning Is Safe Tanning

Everyone wants to have that healthy looking radiant bronze glow, but having to lie under the sun for hours can lead to a multitude of health risks from UV exposure. When you tan outside, you expose yourself to harmful UV rays from the sun, increasing your risk of getting skin cancer and causing photo-damage to your skin.

Photo-damage results in a reduction of both collagen and elastin which are critical to maintaining the integrity and youthful appearance of your skin. By choosing to bronze up with spray tanning, you can minimise potential damage from UV exposure. Plus, HYDR8TAN’s organic ingredients help decrease chances of skin allergies, irritations, and inflammation that may occur from traditional spray tanning formulations that contain preservatives, additives and synthetic ingredients.

So Many Benefits To Spray Tanning

Besides being safer for you and your skin, spray tanning with HYDR8TAN’s natural and organic formula has many other benefits:

No matter the season, with HYDR8TAN spray tanning you can have a healthy looking, radiant glow, all year round.

Even tanning outside can be difficult to obtain an even tan all over... and let's not forget those pesky tan lines! Spray tanning with HYDR8TAN will give you a smooth and evenly tanned appearance and, depending on what you are looking for; tan lines are optional!

Spray tanning allows you to customise your look by, not only choosing which areas of the body you would like to tan, (be it just legs - face, neck and shoulders or the whole body), but with HYDR8TAN, you can also choose your tan’s colour intensity.

Available in HYDR8TAN 12% and HYDR8TAN 15% intensity, each can be adjusted to your liking. If unsure on your first visit, always go a little more natural. You can always go back and add an extra layer if needed. Once you’ve found your perfect application, it will be quick and easy on following visits.

Instead of spending hours out in the sun, you can get that sun-kissed look in minutes! A HYDR8TAN spray tanning session takes just 10 minutes from start to finish and your tan will be set and ready to rinse in just two hours!

When properly maintained, your HYDR8TAN can last up to 10 days, and with the help of HYDR8TAN Extender you can build up or extend your existing spray tan even further.

Made from natural and organic Ingredients, HYDR8TAN Extender’s luxurious, hydrating actives and light, non-greasy formulation delivers a gentle, colour boost to your skin. Use it as a daily moisturiser to build up a perfect tan or to complement and extend your existing tan.

Brisbane’s Best Spray Tanning comes with a FREE GIFT!

If you're looking to have the best spray tanning experience in Brisbane then look no further than Brazilian Beauty. Our team of experienced spray tanning specialists are experts at creating beautiful, natural looking, golden tans that last.

And, during the month of December 2021, you can take advantage of our *FREE HYDR8TAN Gift Pack when you spend $200 or more on any products from our fabulous ASI Skincare range.

Valued at $69.85, your free HYDR8TAN gift pack includes a 200ml HYDR8TAN Extender, a HYDR8TAN Body Buff & Polish Mitt and a HYDR8TAN Exfoliating Cloth. Offer is available in-clinic only, while stocks last.

How To Book Spray Tanning At Brazilian Beauty

With 9 convenient locations across Brisbane and a simple click and go booking system, getting your spray tanning is quick and convenient. Simply click here to book, visit the Brazilian Beauty website or download the Brazilian Beauty App and instantly get rewarded with $20.00 in loyalty points!