Spray Tanning Your Way To A Healthier Golden Glow

Spray tanning is the quickest way to achieve that all over golden glow, but with so many products available, it is hard to know which one to choose and what are the benefits?


No Harmful UV Rays


Everyone wants to have that healthy looking radiant bronze glow without having to lie under the sun for hours, which could lead to a multitude of health risks from UV exposure. When you tan outside, you expose yourself to harmful UV rays from the sun. Even with tanning beds, you are getting harmful exposure from the UV lights inside, which increase your risk of getting skin cancer. A spray tan will give you that natural glow without sacrificing your health and beauty with the unnecessary exposure to those harmful UV rays.

Saves Your Skin

When you expose your skin to the UV lights from the sun or artificial indoor lamps in tanning beds, your skin takes a toll and causes photo-damage to occur. Photo-damage results in a reduction in both collagen and elastin which are critical to maintaining the integrity and youthful appearance of your skin. Spray tans can help save your skin because you avoid the potential damage to UV exposure. With the organic ingredients, you can also help decrease chances of skin allergies, irritations, and inflammation that may occur from traditional spray tanning. These natural sources will not contain preservatives, additives and synthetic ingredients, which may also be harmful to the skin.

Year-Round Glow

Just because it is winter doesn't mean you can't have that vibrant, healthy glow. With natural/organic spray tanning, you won't succumb to frigid weather, rain or even snow because you can have that radiant glow all year round.

Smooth and Even Application

Even tanning outside can be difficult to obtain an even tan all over, and let's not forget those pesky tan lines. Spray tans give you a smooth and even appearance and depending on what you are looking for; no tan lines are an option.

Customise Your Look

Having a spray tan means you can customise not only where you want to tan but also the colour and intensity. At Brazilian Beauty, spray tanning can be tailored to fit your wants and needs. You may opt for a lighter tan one day and a darker one the next. Spray tanning also evens your skin tone to help conceal blemishes, varicose veins, and stretch marks.

Quick Results

Instead of spending hours out in the sun, you can achieve that sun-kissed skin in just minutes.

Long-lasting Tan

When properly maintained, a spray tan can last up to 10 days. If you are going to a wedding or other special event, a spray tan will give you that natural-looking tan and everyone will think you just got back from the Bahamas.

Traditional Versus Organic/Natural Spray Tanning

Traditional spray tanning is better than exposure to the sun itself but the solutions used are not as beneficial to the skin as organic and natural solutions. With traditional spray tanning, you may expose your skin to preservatives and chemicals that may be harsh and irritating.

The organic spray tans produce a safe and natural looking tan that lasts longer than the traditional spray tans, which is due to the moisture-binding properties of the organic ingredients. These ingredients are also odour-free, and yet the cost is about the same as the traditional spray tans.

The Australian Organic Standard requires 95% of the product's ingredients to be organic. Organic spray tans work with the natural pigments in the outer layer of the skin called the epidermis to darken the surface gradually.

One of the main ingredients found in organic spray tans is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), manufactured from natural sources including sugar beet and rapeseed.

Lookout for These Unnatural Ingredients

  • Parabens

  • Mineral Oil

  • Artificial Perfumes

  • Artificial Preservatives

Without these unnatural ingredients, you will be getting as close to healthy as possible while avoiding unnecessary side effects and harm to the environment caused by these unwanted elements.

You can now have that beautiful golden tan without spending hours in the sun and risking potential skin damage thanks to the spray tanning option. Natural and organic spray tanning takes regular spray tans to a new and healthier level. For more information on obtaining the radiant glow you are specifically looking for contact us and book your appointment today