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Face Reading: What your skin could be telling you


In Chinese medicine, they believe that the location of breakouts and other skin concerns on your face can indicate other underlying issues. It is always good to consider these possibilities in combination with a regular skin care routine. Below we have broken down different sections of the face, what you might see on the skin, what this could potential be linked to and how you could influence them.

Intestines (Forehead and sides of chin)

Intestines are influenced by our nervous system. Stress can play a part here as well as poor intestinal health which can be caused by poor food choices, high alcohol consumption. We can often see breakouts, pigmentation and fine lines in this area. A cleaner diet can help internally here, while The Vitamin C Brightening Facial can help externally for breaking up pigment and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  

Liver (Between the brows and sides of temples)

Breakouts and wrinkles in this area can often indicate a buildup of toxins in the liver. A great home remedy is to detox the body with leafy greens, herbs and a healthy amount of clean protein. A course of LED treatments will have an antibacterial effect on the surface of the skin. Combine this with a course of peels for the ultimate detox treatment.

Kidneys (Under eyes)

The kidneys manage all of the fluid within the body. When the body is dehydrated, it affects the kidneys and can be shown in the form of under-eye bags, dark circles and puffiness. To improve these issues internally, drink enough quality water, eat mineral rich foods and get a good sleep. Treatment-wise we would recommend increasing circulation to this area by adding on a Dermal Face Lift mask to any skin treatments.

Heart (Nose)

Blackheads and redness in this area can indicate blood sugar/blood pressure issues from excess alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Cutting back on these types of food and beverages will have an instant effect on the skin. Try incorporating a monthly Microdermabrasion treatment to assist with clearing blackheads.

Stomach (Cheeks)

Breakouts in this area can be commonly caused by dirt and oil from cellphone use or sleeping on your side, however they can also be an indication of slow metabolism, low absorption of nutrients and lung issues (related to smoking.) Working on your gut health by taking a daily probiotic can help clear this area. A course of peels can help to keep this breakout under control, followed by a course of Dermal Pen Treatments to help with any post-inflammatory scarring that can be left behind.

Reproductive system (Chin)

Many women can experience breakouts in this area around the time of their monthly cycle as this area is linked to the ovaries. A hormonal imbalance or stress (which can throw your hormones out of balance) can cause breakouts here. Incorporating Essential Fatty Acids into your diet can help balance the oil flow which will avoid these breakouts from occurring and an Advanced Resurfacing Treatment the week before your cycle will prevent this hormonal breakout.