Understanding Dermapen Microneedling and the Benefits

Taking care of your skin has become more popular throughout the years, and technology has played a key factor in showing how important it is. As people work to make sure their skin is beautiful and healthy, they want ways that are easier in aiding it. That's where Microneedling comes in. This beneficial method provides so many helpful techniques for skin-care and is super effective in showcasing your gorgeous skin.

Microneedling Explained

Professional therapists have been embracing the usage of  dermapen microneedling. This method of skin-care consists of using tiny, sterile needles to puncture the skin. In doing so it prompts your skin to rebuild and rejuvenate itself. The punctures push your skin to produce more collagen, and the proteins they provide are essential to your skin's young, youthful look.

Benefits & Target Areas

There are many benefits to scheduling an appointment for microneedling. Through the process of target areas, your therapist can help return your skin to a firm and healthy state. These areas become the main focus to allow your skin the best chance at regrowth.

Targeted areas:

Acne scars have shown to improve tremendously, sometimes even disappearing completing after multiple treatments. Treating them beneath the skin allows for those deeper scars to get needed help. Anti-aging effects take place through each treatment, as your skin learns to maintain that youthful look via tightening of the skin and scar remodeling.  Sunspots can be reversed by stimulating collagen, enabling the discoloration and hyperpigmentation of melasma to be replaced with a well-balanced healthy-looking skin. Wrinkles and stretch marks are reduced as the elastin and collagen rebuild, making your face take on a younger look. You're able to deplete the fine lines that come with age and stress, replacing them with much firmer skin. One of the many pros of this treatment is minimal recovery time. Unlike plastic surgery or many other methods of skin therapy, Microneedling doesn't require you to take time away from your normal schedule. You will need to wear sunscreen while your skin is sensitive, but you can return to school or work as soon as you're comfortable.

When Should I Wait to use Microneedling

If you have active acne, a skin infection, or are pregnant you should avoid the Dermapen Microneedling treatment as it could be more of a risk to you than beneficial. Check with your therapist before trying Micro-Needling, and they'll help determine the best way to help your skin maintain its health.

Bring it Home

Once you've made a plan with your therapist, try your hand at dermapen microneedling from the comfort of your home. There are many options when it comes to the devices you can purchase for your own personal needs, but most of them have shorter more blunt needles than the ones your professional therapist will use. While home devices don't penetrate the skin as deeply, they're useful for in between treatments in case you're unable to make an appointment. Should you take advantage of the dermapen microneedling adventure at home your results will vary from those you may receive from professional treatment, but you'll still help your skin increase the blood flow and potentially see a temporary brightness to your skin. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and discover all the ways microneedling can help improve the health of your skin. Your consultation is complimentary, and during it, we'll cover all of the basics to help you understand all the finer details and the processes we use at Brazilian Beauty. We want you to feel comfortable before any session you book, and we'll prepare you for the healthier and younger-looking skin you deserve to show off!