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How To Summer-Proof Your Makeup

Worry not, our expert tips will have your dewy make-up lasting longer - without running down your neck.

Start With a Perfect Base

With humidity rising, it’s best to avoid your make-up slipping and melting throughout the day. Lock-in moisture with a light all-day moisturiser, then seal with an oil free mineral primer. Leave this settle into your skin for about 5 minutes before applying makeup. We love Youngblood’s Mineral Primer - its lightweight, silky formula is packed with vitamins and minerals that smooth the appearance of fine lines and pores creating an even surface for your foundation.

Go Easy on The Coverage

Dare to bare this Summer. Warmer weather calls for light, mineral make-up with a barely there finish. Not only does it look fresher - it allows your skin to breathe whilst protecting and nourishing skin with vitamins and minerals. So good you could sleep in it! ASI’s Loose Mineral Foundation provides a light, build-able coverage without the ‘badditives’. No perfumes, fillers, preservatives or parabens. Plus it has a natural SPF 15 to protect your gorgeous faces.

Ditch the Smudge

Long, thick lashes are a year round essential. Summer however, is the infamous enemy to our perfectly applied plumping mascara. This Summer, throw out your mascara and opt for Eyelash Extensions for a longer-lasting ‘femme fatale’ look. Flutter full, flirty lashes for up to four weeks. Which means less time fussing in front of the mirror with waterproof mascara, more time enjoying the warmer weather!

Insure your bronze

Sweaty summer weekends by the pool or sea can cause for concern for your expertly applied spray tan. Insure your Spray Tan against premature fading and patchiness with a tan extending moisturiser like Vani-T’s Bronzing Custard. Follow our top tips for extending the life of your Spray Tan here. So you’ll never be caught in a pale moment again!

Stain it

The only place stains will be accepted socially are on you lips and cheeks. Forgo the thick, matte lipsticks and powdery blushes. Opt for a cream blush or lip stain for a super long lasting, natural looking finish. Smiink’s semi permanent liner pens are fantastic for giving you that ‘just bitten’ look on your lips and cheeks. Application is a cinch with their super fine, precise applicator. What’s great is the pens come in shades perfect for your lips, eyes and brows! Line away beauties!

Make them gel-ous

Gel eye-liner is the bees-knees. Hands down! Cry proof, sweat proof, smudge proof and splash resistant the little gem will take you from sweaty gym sesh, to emotional crisis, to beach-side wedding in one darling little pot. Our pick? Youngblood’s Gel Liner in Eclipse (black). A true black colour (not charcoal) with a silky smooth application which won’t dry out. It’s a foolproof and easy to use gel eyeliner that takes the hard work out of liquid lining. The intensely coloured, long-wearing formula glides on smoothly like a liquid liner with the perfect precision of a razor-sharp eye pencil.

Faux your glow

Mixing a dab of highlighter into your foundation will give you an instantly luminous complexion. If you’re a mineral makeup die-hard (like us!) you’ll love Youngblood’s Lunar Dust. Tap a small amount into your mineral Make up and swirl together. Remember when applying your makeup, ‘dab-dab-swirl’ to avoid any tell-tale make-up streak marks or lines.

Learn the tips and trick of the trade with our expert Beauty Therapists and Makeup Artists at your Fave BB Salon. We will walk you through your Summer beauty plan and have you gorgeous from top-to-toe! Book your complimentary mini makeover online now.