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5 Aftercare Tips for Skin Needling

The first step in understanding an aftercare process is understanding the treatment. When it comes to Skin needling, it's fairly easy to understand. Otherwise known as microneedling, this procedure is the process of using tiny needles to penetrate the skin to cause trauma beneath it and urge regrowth to take place. It helps influence collagen to be more proactive and leaves your skin in a healthier state. You could say it's like therapy for your skin. Once you grasp the concept of skin needling, you'll be ready to enjoy benefits like lightening acne scars, evening out your skin tone, and much more. The next step, after you've received a microneedling treatment, is to sit back and relax as you focus on the aftercare. Here's a list of 5 tips to help you while your skin rejuvenates and what you can expect.


Immediately following your treatment, it's important you don't stay in the sun for too long. Your pores will be open and sweating can cause them to reopen as they mend. This may interfere with your recovery process and allow bacteria to enter the punctures. Try your best to avoid tasks that leave you sweaty. At first, you shouldn't even apply sunscreen until your pores and wounds have a little time to heal. Many people use this recovery period to relax and enjoy some downtime at home.


Stray from using any skincare products with ingredients like retinoic acid, alcohols, or retinol. Unfortunately, products containing these ingredients can cause more harm and irritate your skin. For a thorough list of ingredients and items to avoid you can check with us at Brazilian Beauty. Our professional skin therapists can give you a list of products you can use.


Staying hydrated is important at all times, but after a skin needling treatment, it can help the healing process and enable your skin to rejuvenate faster. Drink as much water as you can during the first few days, and avoid any drinks that dehydrate you such as alcohol or coffee.


Throughout the first 12 hours following your treatment, avoid washing your face. As difficult as that sounds and can be, it gives your skin enough time to begin the healing process. Once that time frame is up, use a cleanser recommended by our skin therapist and lukewarm water. Avoid using any brushes or tools that can scrape or damage your skin while it's tender.


You will be encouraged and prescribed specific serums after your treatment. Please take advantage of them and use them according to your prescription. They're made to protect your pores and assist in getting you through the healing process. These products will help when dealing with skin irritation, or with slight itching.


You can enjoy the beauty of skin needling every 4-6 weeks, but make sure you give your skin enough time to properly start the healing process. Depending on your skin type, it can take roughly up to a week to heal. It's important during that time you maintain a good aftercare routine. A benefit to taking such good care of your skin and embracing the microneedling process is that you can see your skin transform and improve 4 months after treatment. When you're ready to schedule a free consultation, contact us at Brazilian Beauty. We'll answer all of your questions, discuss the best treatment for your skin specifically, and prepare you for your first official skin needling treatment. Once you finish your first treatment, we'll help you create an aftercare plan as well as schedule a follow-up treatment.