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Tips to maintain your brows at home

While you are in isolation, we want to show you how to maintain and care for your brows... from home!  This is little maintenance so you can come back and see us at Brazilian Beauty when all this is over! Do not over tweeze them Before getting started, fill your brows with a pencil.  This is going to create a barrier and you know you are not overdoing it. Outline the top of your brows, underneath and in the middle!  And then you just have to tweeze a few of the hairs that are outside of the line...Easy! Try the trim Take your brow brush (spoolie) and trim the little strays - be careful, it is harder to do on your own than you think! Trim very lightly to the top so it feels feathery. Let them be!   If you have been over plucking your brows, this is the perfect opportunity to grow them in. Your brows are going to be bigger and better than ever - and just think of the shape after your first Eyebrow Sculpt back!

Stay safe, BB x