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A facial may be something you receive every once in a while but having facials perfomed regularly can help you achieve long-term, positive results with your skin.     There are several types of advanced skin treatments that fall under “Facial” category, everything from acne treatments, skin tightening, pigment correction etc. All of these treatments are able to target an array of skin concerns and treat at a deeper level of the skin. While a basic facial offers benefits including deep cleansing, more specialized facials work to address specific skin types and conditions such as Rosacea or Aging skin.   What are the benefits of Facials?    

  • Improved skin
  Most facials entail cleansing, mild exfoliation, steam, and massage. Opening up your pores and stimulating circulation through regular deep cleansing, exfoliation, and steaming will brighten, freshen and give your skin a healthier glow.    

  • Stimulated circulation
  Facials also serve to stimulate blood circulation, which is crucial for keeping skin hydrated and pigmentation even. When circulation is stagnant, skin cells do not receive the nourishment they require. Conditions such as Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis are affected by compromised circulation. Healthy blood flow also helps remove waste like free radicals which cause aging (fine lines, wrinkles) and dull complexion.    

  • Product absorption
  All the products you use on your skin will not be properly absorbed if your pores are clogged up! Better absorption of ingredients means better results, in less time. To get the most out of your products, you should be deep cleaning your skin 3-4 weeks as this is the average life cycle of skin cell growth.  

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