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STAY CALM AND CARRY ON: 3 easy ways to visit your beauty therapist when you can’t visit your beauty therapist.

STAY CALM AND CARRY ON: 3 easy ways to visit your beauty therapist when you can’t visit your beauty therapist.

If you weren’t already heading towards an ‘online’ lifestyle before this whole C19 exploded, then I’m betting you most definitely are now.

I personally have never been a fan of shopping through my computer.

Maybe it’s my age - I’m an 80’s kid so hanging out at the shopping centre was our jam back in the day - or maybe it’s the fact that I’m slightly computer illiterate (still)... or that I, crazily enough, enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping centre; with its crowds, food court smells and the sound of screaming kids juxtaposed against that soft elevator music playing in the background… I mean… come on… don’t you love that too?

Well, love it or not, online shopping will become the new normal for many of us who have resisted its cyber pull until now.  In fact, e-commerce grew 80% in the 8 weeks following the WHO’s announcement declaring Covid-19 a pandemic, with 200 000+ new Australian households shopping online in April 2020 alone and Easter 2020 becoming the busiest period in Australian online shopping history!  

So, what does this all mean for us beauties, when we need to find that perfect remedy or treatment for our skin?  How will we get that expert care and advise without physically visiting our favorite salon or clinic?

Well, Australian Skin Institute and Brazilian Beauty have set up 3 easy to use initiatives to give you that beauty fix without leaving the couch!  Check them out:

Virtual Beauty Advisor:  Like your own personal genie in a bottle, the ASI & Brazilian Beauty Virtual Advisors are real life, real time, beauty and skin specialists ready to help answer all your questions via video conference through your computer.  Need a cleanser and don’t know which one is best for your skin?  Ask your VBA!  Is your skin misbehaving and you’re not sure what to do to fix it?  Ask your VBA!  It’s that simple.  These face-to-face consultations are just as good as visiting the clinic except you can turn up in your pjays... with your doggo in your lap (bonus) and they are absolutely free.

Live Chat:  Got a quick question?  Need some basic info on a product or treatment?  Then Live Chat is the go.  And no…. You won’t be talking to a robot.  Live Chat is like shopping with your BFF… a little help and guidance while you look around the ASI and Brazilian Beauty Websites for what you need.  Try it out… even if it’s just to say g’day.

Home Treatments:  No need to miss out on your favourite skin treatments just because you now work from home!  Get your glow delivered straight to your door with a selection of skin peels and hydration treatments that come cleverly packaged with everything you need; including support from a Virtual Beauty Advisor.  Working from home is the perfect time to try treatments such as the ASI Vitamin A peel or Dermal Roller microneedling.  These advanced treatments are fantastic for lightening pigmentation, reducing scarring and fine lines as well as smoothing out skin texture; but they can leave your skin looking a little red or flakey during recovery.  No problem!..  being at home means no one will be the wiser… just make sure to sit slightly off screen during your daily zoom meeting with the office!

To book your ‘Virtual Beauty Advisor’ skin consultation simply click here.

Or jump online at or to use ‘Live Chat’ or shop online.