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Keeping Your Glow On Through Winter – 3 winter must haves for healthy skin

There’s a lot of things I love about winter...  long sunday morning sleep-ins, turtle neck sweaters and big woollen coats, hot chocolate with marshmallows… ooh.. and wearing my Uggies to the supermarket!... when you think about it like that, winter is pretty sexy… well, maybe not the Uggies at the supermarket, but you get the drift.

  The one thing I don’t love about winter though, is what it does to my skin!  Dry, itchy, tight, flakey… it’s definitely not sexy and for those of us with pre existing sensitivities like eczema or rosacea, winter may just want to make you throw the covers over your head and hide until it’s all over.

  Cold weather will wreak havoc on the surface of your skin.  The low humidity and winds will disrupt your Acid Mantle (your skin’s natural defence barrier), leaving you susceptible to dehydration and even bacterial infections like Acne breakouts.  This is because, during these colder months, the natural oils, lipids and fatty acids that our skin usually secrets in order to form the Acid Mantle are depleted by, not only the harsher weather but also by things like indoor heating, drinking more coffee/less water, having extra hot showers and not adjusting your skin care products to suit the season. That’s right!  Just like clothes in your wardrobe… the skincare products you keep on your bathroom vanity should be seasonal!

  Here are 3 important must haves for your winter skincare line up:

  1: Creamy Cleanser:  If you normally use a foaming wash or medicated cleanser then be sure to add a Creamy pre-cleanse to your winter routine.  Your skin’s natural PH sits slightly acidic.  Using foamy cleanser’s made to strip away surface oils may cause your skin’s PH to become more alkaline and when this happens, it disrupts the synthesis of lipids that form your skin’s protective Acid Mantel.

  The Radiant Cream Cleanser from ASI contains nourishing Vitamin E , Rose Otto for deep hydration and a swag of essential oils such as Jojoba, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang and Lavender… each with a specific purpose to sooth, calm and heal dry and sensitised skin while maintaining the integrity of the Acid Mantle.

  2: Hyaluronic Acid:  Our skin naturally produces Hyaluronic Acid, an important key molecule responsible for keeping our skin super hydrated, soft and supple.  During winter when our Acid Mantle is disrupted, our skin’s natural moisture levels are lost via a phenomenon called Transepidermal Water Loss (TWL), causing the skin to become tight, flakey and lack-luster.

  Add a couple of pumps of Pure Hydration Concentrate to clean skin prior to applying your moisturisers or serums.  You’ll boost your skin’s hydration levels 1000 fold while keeping it soft and supple so that it can soak up all the goodness from your moisturiser and serums.

  3: Niacinamide:  Also known as Vitamin B3; Niacinamide will reduce the impact of winter’s harsh weather on your skin by helping to boost the natural production of skin-strengthening ceramides.  Ceramides are the fatty lipids found on the surface of the skin… they help to bind and hold the skin together (like cement between bricks) to form the protective Acid Mantle layer that limits moisture loss and protects your skin from environmental attack.

  Add extra protection for your skin by including Vitamin B3 Complex to your winter routine.  This illuminating treatment will not only give your skin that dreamy winter glow but also uses ASI’s unique nanotechnology to deliver high concentration of it’s active ingredients to your skin.