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Juice Detox tested by Charlotte!

Juice detox tested by Charlotte, our Business Relationship Manager

  What was your main motivation to start this juice cleanse?

  I had returned from an overseas trip where I was drinking a lot of beer, eating whatever I felt like and wasn't in any sort of routine. I was feeling bloated, heavy and lethargic. I felt like I needed to detox and start fresh.  

What did your juice cleanse consist of? Is there any rules?

I chose the 3 days juice cleanse formula. It consists of:
  - A teaspoon of psyllium husk twice a day to help with digestion and clearing your intestines
- A tea which helps with the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal and hunger
- A morning juice of water, lemon and cayenne pepper to kick start and then a combination of 4 other fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day with a dahl of an evening.

  The rules are just to have the juices only and no other food or caffeine.
  It is recommended to just relax and not be too physical during the detox.

  How did you feel before, during and after your juice cleanse?

  This is my third cleanse!   Before - I didn't prepare myself enough but the cleanse has been easier each time.
  During - I was in a bad mood, I think mainly because I am used to drinking coffee every day. I was feeling quite tired and lethargic.
  After - I was relieved to finish, I felt my stomach had shrunk as I haven't been as hungry since. I had a piece of toast as my first meal :)

  Anything else you want to share?

  The juices were great. I lost the weight I had put on during my holiday!
I think I will do the warm cleanse next as I didn't like drinking mainly cold juices. The warm cleanse has soup options and it looks amazing!