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In-Clinic Skin Treatments: 5 benefits you can’t get by DIY

I have never questioned the importance of having a skin treatment.  

  Perhaps it’s because I have been in the beauty business all my life and my understanding of the skin’s function and needs are inherently ingrained in my psyche.  I’m a second generation Aesthetician and if you have read some of my blogs before you may know that I sometimes joke about ‘beauty therapy’ being in my DNA.  Of course I believe skin treatments are important!

  Since time immemorial women, in particular, have been primping and priming their skin with an assortment of organic (and now, not so organic) compounds, to keep their skin looking healthy and rejuvenated.

  Back in the time of Egyptian Pharaohs, Cleopatra herself was renowned for using mud from the Dead Sea and bathing in fermented milk to keep her skin clean, soft and supple.  I mean… come on... what a babe!  And surely the very first beauty influencer ever, because “HELLO”... fermented milk produces Lactic Acid… a very popular and effective exfoliating enzyme used in many skincare products today. 

  And, in the mid 1500’s; Queen Elizabeth (the first of course… not the Lizzy we know today) was said to use a volatile concoction of white lead and vinegar to keep her skin looking fair and unblemished; while other courtiers would even draw their own blood to help achieve that pale colour!

  Now, over time, we have obviously learned lots of new things about the skin’s function and thankfully being pale is no longer a ‘thing’.  We can now maximise the benefits of skin treatments using science and cutting edge technology to truly deliver some outstanding results… think Vitamin A Skin Peels, Microdermabrasion and Skin Needling... but in truth, these ‘Skin treatments’ are all facials morphed from ancient times.

  Here are 5 benefits of having an in-clinic skin treatment that you won’t get from doing it yourself at home:

  1: Expert care & advice. Your Beauty Therapist is a highly trained skin specialist who can look beyond what you see on the surface to determine what your skin really needs.  There are both internal and external factors that affect your skin, often clashing together to cause skin issues like pigmentation, sensitivities and acne breakouts to name a few.  

A Beauty Therapist is specifically trained in skin anatomy and physiology and skilled in many different types of treatment modalities so will be able to create a customised treatment based on your skin's needs, and not on what you saw your favorite influencer use.

  2: All the latest technology at your fingertips.  Let’s face it… you are not going to be able to Amazon shop your way through every beauty tool, product or piece of equipment… and even if you did, I can almost guarantee it would not be to the same quality or performance as the equipment and products that will be used during your in-Clinic treatment.

  Scheduling a professional in-Clinic treatment every 4-8 weeks during which you will have everything from the latest, state-of-the-art laser to the most potent and active ingredients for use on your skin is not only more cost effective but also a much safer way of getting advanced results.

  3: You’ll get an amazing facial massage.  It's a proven fact that facial massage improves both blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin, in turn, helping to carry essential nutrients to skin cells.  Apart from also being relaxing and de-stressing (which in itself is fantastic for skin health) certain massage techniques are aimed at lymph drainage which is beneficial for congested and some acne type skins.

  4: Deep pore cleansing.  Even if you could do this at home… it’s not recommended.  Cleaning out pore blockages such as blackheads, whiteheads and milia needs to be done with precise confidence.  Doing this incorrectly yourself can lead to scarring and pigmentation as well infection. 


your skin will be prepped and steamed before extractions are performed under hygienic conditions and using disposable implements… not that safety pin you found in your make-up kit!!  OMG!  Leave it to the professionals!

  5: Variety is the spice of life.  Booking a regular in-clinic skin treatment means that you can change things up as needed.  Maybe in winter you’ll need a more hydrating and nourishing treatment, like a Peptide Facial or LED mask infusion and in summer you may need a good deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment like a Microdermabrasion or Microneedling or Extractions… that’s the great thing about in-clinic treatment… you don’t need to stick to the same thing over and over.  In fact, your skin (and your soul) will love the variety!