Remove unwanted hair in ISO

With all beauty, waxing and laser clinics being temporarily closed, many of us are now wondering how to remove unwanted hair. Wax, shave, let it grow? All fine options and you do you GF. However, if you're leaning towards waxing at home we have put together some helpful tips for self-waxing while you see if being a Beauty Therapist is your calling. 

*Pain Disclaimer - If your pain threshold isn't the best, we do NOT recommend trying to wax at home.  Because let’s be real, waxing can be painful, and self waxing isn’t any better (trust me, I know from experience).

If you think you can take the heat, read below our self-waxing tips to try out in your new home salon (kidding.. but should i quit my day job?).


Make sure the hair is the  length of a grain of rice, this will make sure you get a clean wax (all hairs removed).
2. WAX 
The type of wax you use is very important, For beginners it's best to start by using hot wax only and NOT the wax that you remove with a strip. Hot wax is more gentle on the skin and allows you to have more control over the wax and where you apply it.
Make sure to exfoliate the day before waxing, we recommend the Body Buff and Polish Mitt. This mitt helps to remove dead skin cells and will assist in getting a clean wax. 
Apply cornstarch / powder to the area before applying the wax, this will make sure that only hair is being removed and no skin, it will also help to reduce redness and pain
When applying hot wax -  apply against the hair growth and remove wax also against the hair growth. If you have strip wax (remove with a strip), apply with the hair growth and remove against the hair growth.
To limit discomfort ensure you are holding and supporting your skin as you remove the wax. This will make it easier to remove the wax, decrease risk of removing skin and make it less painful.
For post waxing discomfort or ingrown hairs we recommend ASI’s R3 - Relieve, Repair, Restore. This soothing moisturiser is loaded with pure restorative Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory Calendula to help soothe any skin sensitivity or irritations.      

For the beauties out there who are like me (pain threshold = 0) and self waxing is not your thing, then shaving will be the best option.  I’m sure we all know the basics of shaving, however, here are some pointers that can make life that little bit more comfortable and help to minimise your old friend - shaving rash. 

Like waxing, it’s so important to exfoliate the skin before shaving, this will make sure that you are removing dead skin cells to get the closest shave possible. We recommend Body Buff and Polish Mitt.
Make sure you are using a good razor, any 3 or 4 blades will work best. Don't leave your Razor anywhere it can collect bacteria (shower floor = gross...but also guilty), Change your Razor regularly. 
If you only take on one piece of advice away from this, it’s this point. Use the ASI ANTIBAC CLEANSING GEL while shaving, you will thank me later, it's literally kryptonite to shaving rash. 
But we already said exfoliate? Correct. Exfoliate again when your hairs begin to grow back. This step will prevent any ingrown hairs getting trapped under the skin.     
We hope these few tips help you on your hair removal journey in ISO. For any questions about beauty or skin please DM us, Live Chat with us or book an Online Skin Consultation.