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Feeling good from the inside out – preservative free skincare for a fresher look!

At the end of the second week of 28 day program my energy and enthusiasm for eating healthy is slowly fading. That little voice is calling to me, ‘One piece of chocolate isn’t going to do anything’, ‘It’s Friday night, you’ve worked hard all week you deserve a treat’, and especially ‘Just one Coke Zero…plleeeessse!!!’

How do I keep my self-control? I think of all the training I received by Casey at Brazilian Beauty about skin health and skin care - I can do all these great treatments in the salon but if I don’t follow it up with some great skincare I’ll either never get results or take forever to get there. “So Kathryn” I sternly tell myself “it’s like going to a PT, working really hard and then on my way home stopping for a Big Mac/Coke Zero, I will NEVER get to my goal weight!”

Our PT calls it clean eating and we have the same motto here at BB! Australian Skin Institute Pure Potent C range is preservative free, using only fresh and active ingredients - the only way to get results! The range is enriched with vitamins and has a unique dermal delivery system which works to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. We’ve had such positive feedback in our salon, our clients love it and it fits with our holistic approach to skin health, working from the inside out. We want our products to work hard for us (in my case they have to!) just like we have to work hard at saying no to the Coke Zero and yes to clean eating!

Read more about our ASI range here or drop in for a complimentary skin consultation. We love talking products!