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Feather Touch Brows: taking your brows from barely there to full fluffy gorgeousness

If you haven’t heard of Feather Touch Brows (aka Microblading, Brow Feathering, Hairstroke Brows) then I fear you may have been living under a rock.  A form of Cosmetic Tattoo that creates fine, hair like strokes to fill, shape and define your existing brows is now one of the most popular brow services all around the world.

Read my blog:  Feather Touch Brows: Everything you need to know about the world’s most popular eyebrow treatment.  It seems that everyone from the likes of well know A-listers (think Mila Kunis, Serena Williams and Madonna) to local Australian celebs, influencers and even my very own daughters have had their brows semi-permanently zhoosh into perfect shape, forgoing the daily battle with pencils and powders and instead enjoying wake-and-go brows that look perfectly groomed 24/7.

The Feather Touch Brow procedure is both time and soul saving for anyone who suffers from sparse, thin or over-plucked eyebrows.  I say ‘soul saving’ because there is definitely a magical boost of confidence you get from having beautiful looking eyebrows… Anyone who’s ever had their brows professionally groomed knows that ‘brows-on-point’ feeling I’m talking about.   But unfortunately for many of us, the traditional brow grooming options like waxing and tinting just aren’t the solution to our brow woes… ironically, you need to have brows in order to get brows if you know what I mean.

There are a couple of different style options available with Feather Touch Brows depending on your individual preferences and needs.  Some brows benefit from being filled and defined with the hairstrokes alone while other brows may need extra support and require ‘microshading’ to create definition and a realistic 3D effect.  

  Feather Touch Brows for sparse brows: If your brows are of the barely there variety, meaning you have some brow hair but it’s super fine, very light or sparse with no distinctive shape then adding some realistic looking hair strokes with the Feather Touch technique will give your brows a beautiful, natural looking boost.

Take a look at the results of this Feather Touch Brow procedure created by the brow angels at Brazilian Beauty.  A natural and classic looking brow shape means this client can enjoy beautifully defined brows with or without make-up.  And although they look totally gorg as they are, keeping it simple means that the client has the option to further define her brows if and when she chooses… adding a little pencil or powder over the top or even tinting those baby fine hairs to add another layer of definition.   Feather Touch Brows for no brows: Although there are simple reasons why brows become sparse; many times due to over-tweezing or having sported that thin-brow fashion for a couple of decades too long, eyebrows can also become sparse due to hormonal changes, medical conditions such as alopecia or from medications.

In instances where there is no natural hair, a combination of hairstrokes and microshading (a light application of shaded colour placed between the strokes) help to create a 3D effect to the finished Feather Touch Brow.

This is also a great option for mature skins where the skin is often too delicate to tolerate many hairstrokes.  Using a combination of the two techniques not only looks more realistic but also means the strokes can be kept spaced out and at a minimum. Is Feather Touch Brows an option for you? Like with many cosmetic procedures, the process of Feather Touch Brows goes beyond simply finding an artist and booking in for your procedure.  

There are several factors that need to be considered before determining if your eyebrows are suitable for tattooing.  From your age, sensitivity and health of your skin down to your expected outcomes; these are all topics that should be assessed and addressed during a pre-procedure consultation. Attending a consultation also gives you the opportunity to meet your artist who will not only assess your brows and answer all of your questions but also draw in an Eyebrow Preview so that you can see an example of what to expect as your final outcome.

The team at Brazilian Beauty offer Feather Touch Brow services from their clinics in Spring Hill, East Brisbane, Taringa, Morayfield and Creek St in Brisbane’s CBD.  You can find out more about their Feather Touch Brow services by clicking here or check out their exclusive ‘limited time’ Feather Touch Brow offer here 

Feather Touch Brows for glamorous definition: Keep an eye out for my next blog to learn how Feather Touch Brows will give you the high definition, glamour brows you’ve been dreaming of.