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Feather Touch Brows: Everything you need to know about the world’s most popular eyebrow treatment.

The world is obsessed with eyebrows… have you noticed?  Scroll through social media and you’ll be bombarded with everything ‘brows’.  From YouTube tutorials on how to use countless pencils, gels or brow fillers to transform your over-tweezed squiggles to using a toothbrush and soap to tame and style those wiry and unruly brow hairs into place.  If you have the patience and skill then there is no shortage of tools and accessories you can spend your time on in order to create your perfect brow.  

Personally… life’s too short to dedicate 30 minutes a day fighting with my ‘puh-maad’ and brow brush…   but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want my eyebrows to look totally GORG!  

Eyebrows have the power to completely change the look of the face.  Wearing them too sparse or too light can throw off facial symmetry by giving the illusion of a bigger forehead.  Have them too short or with missing tails and your face will look wider.  Too close together can make you look angry and harsh, while droopy or low tails can age your appearance.  

Did you know that there is a ‘Golden Ratio’ that will reveal the perfect eyebrow shape for your face?  A mathematical rule that will balance the position, length and arch of your brows to compliment your features and, if needed, indicate how to achieve perfect symmetry or a rejuvenating lift?   

Called ‘Brow Mapping’ this alignment procedure is the first step of the Feather Touch Brow  treatment; a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to fill the brow area with fine, hair-like strokes that create fullness, definition and symmetry to the brow.  Once ‘feathered’, your brows will look perfectly groomed 24/7, no matter what you are doing.  Go to the gym, take a swim or a shower… the beauty of this treatment is it’s longevity and the fact that you won’t need to struggle with trying to draw in or define your brows on the daily.  

Although technically a tattoo, there are a few differences.  Referred to as a Cosmetic Tattoo or Microblading, this procedure is performed using a special pen-like tool that holds a band of very fine needles to superficially etch coloured strokes into the skin.  

The ‘ink’ is a special type of ‘pigment’ developed specifically for use on the brow area.  While it comes in a variety of colours and tones that can be custom blended to find your perfect match, it is made to gradually fade over time, generally lasting anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.  

The procedure is completed in two parts.  On your first visit (Part A) your brows will be measured, mapped and templated followed by the actual ‘feathering’.  The brows will initially look bold for around 4-6 days after which time they will gently flake causing that initial boldness to tone down about 30%.  After this initial healing period the colour will continue to mature and bloom for another 3-5 weeks at which point it will be time for you to return for your second ‘follow-up’ visit (part B) during which any adjustments to colour or shape can be made.  

If you’re reading this, the whole time wondering… “Yeah, but does this hurt” well the answer is; yes… and; no.  Because the feathery strokes are just etched into the superficial layers of the skin, you will feel some initial scratching however this can be managed with the topical application of an anaesthetic gel that will numb the surface of the skin, keeping you relatively comfortable throughout the procedure.  

The procedure is performed by the specially trained team of brow artists at Brazilian Beauty clinics across Australia.  They offer a complimentary consultation and eyebrow preview during which you can discuss your personal brow goals and see how the Feather Touch Brow treatment can totally transform your brow game.  

Sounds interesting?  Keep any eye out for my next blog in which I take a look at one of the amazing Feather Touch Brow transformation created by the Brazilian Beauty team, first hand.  

If you can’t wait, then jump online at or contact your favourite Brazilian Beauty Clinic directly to book your free consultation.  You’ll find a list of locations on the website.