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Continued: Brazilian Beauty Bendigo sponsors Kristy on a 28 day challenge with The Human Mechanics

Brazilian Beauty Bendigo is starting this post off with some amazing news – Kristy has lost 3.1kgs in her first week of training!! She has worked really hard and we’re so proud. See picture below busting out the kettle bell swings, oh yeah!

We are now half way through our second week and getting up at 5:30am is easier, we am starting to feel more energised throughout the day and like you can see above, we are losing weight and getting stronger each session. While huffing and puffing in this morning’s session, our PT asked me, “So what is this IPL laser hair removal treatment that you guys are raving on about?” I became super excited because it is a treatment we love in our salon and have seen some amazing results for our clients (I also secretly thought explaining would let me rest a little …silly me!).

So I explained the basic technology, ran around the block, and then explained how our gym junkies and sport fanatics are loving it – no ingrown hairs, no dramas with growing your hair for waxing and timing it with playing netball or getting in the pool and results right from your first session. If you’re interested, book online here or come in for a free consultation and don’t forget we are giving away a 28 day program with The Human Mechanics for our IPL laser hair removal clients.