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Welcoming Brazilian Beauty Fairfield and a new Franchisee!

Helen Clifton and her team opened Brazilian Beauty Fairfield on 23rd October and are enjoying quick success making their new clients Look & Feel Gorgeous!

We caught up with Helen to chat to her about her journey.

Q: Tell us about yourself Helen…

A; I am at the wrong end of thirty and a busy mother of three young and precocious…I mean delightful children. I come from a family of small business owners and have long been looking for my own business opportunity. I have been working in marketing and communication for longer than I care to admit. I have finally leaped off the corporate treadmill and am looking forward to managing my own business.

Q: How did you hear about Brazilian Beauty?

I have long been a client of Brazilian Beauty and I have always been impressed with their branding, stylish interiors and exceptional service. Furthermore, I have been looking at various business opportunities over the years. I discovered online that Brazilian Beauty were looking for Franchisees. I instantly knew that this was the opportunity I had been looking for.

Q: Why did you choose the BB Franchise System?

A: I think the reason I chose BB, in the end was for three key reasons

1) In an every changing market, beauty is an enduring industry as it is service based.

2) I have always admired Brazilian Beauty as a company for their marketing, branding and strong emphasis on customer service.

3) After meeting the team and speaking with other franchisees I discovered that Brazilian Beauty were a highly supportive company, providing franchisees with all the tools and support they need to build a successful and profitable business.

Q: What has been your favourite part of the journey so far?

A: I think my favourite part of the journey has been working closely with BB Head Office to build a strong team through recruitment and training. Also working with the marketing team and seeing my salon take shape during the fit out stage has been very exciting. I have felt so supported through the entire process.

Q: Tell us about your salon’s site?

A: I think Brazilian Beauty Fairfield is filling a void in the marketplace. People living in the inner city southern suburbs have expressed to me that they are very excited to finally have a Brazilian Beauty on their doorstep. We will be offering a full service salon with with four treatment rooms and a tanning room.

Q: What are you most looking forward to?

A: I am looking forward to working with my team of amazing therapists, who between them have three decades of experience, to provide unparalleled beauty services to people in the inner city southern suburbs.

Q: What are your goals with Brazilian Beauty?

A: To build a strong team of professionals providing exceptional beauty services and advice to the local community To build a successful and profitable business To create a happy, warm and welcoming environment for clients and staff.

Q: We know the journey is still young, but would you be likely to recommend the BB system to others?

A: Absolutely. In fact I already have! I have been telling everyone I know about what a wonderful opportunity this has been and how excited I am to be part of the team.

Q: Tell us about your salon opening?

A: My Salon opened on Thursday 23 October. To celebrate we offered free mini-makeovers and skin analysis all day and the team from Nova helped us shout about our beautiful new salon. We also be offering 25% off all treatments for the first month so jump online or call the salon on 07 3844 8347 to book in early so you don’t miss out!

Brazilian Beauty Fairfield
Brazilian Beauty Fairfield

We wish Helen and her team all the success in the world for their beautiful new location. The salon is simply gorgeous, so if you live near Fairfield Gardens, give them a call or make a booking online to get yourself Looking & Feeling Gorgeous at BB Fairfield!