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Valentine’s Day: Unique Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Valentine's Day is all about taking a moment to ensure your loved ones know just how special they are. Now we’re not saying chocolate and flowers are a terrible option, but perhaps there’s a more thoughtful (and might we say - useful) option! It’s time to think outside the box when gifting this Valentine's Day.
Take a look at some of these genuinely thoughtful gift ideas for your significant other.   

Valentine’s Day gift idea #1 - Brazilian Beauty Skin Membership   

Let us introduce you to the crème de la crème of Valentine’s Day gifts - the gift that keeps on giving! A skin membership is perfect for a valentine who never seems to make time for themselves and always looks after everyone else. Brazilian Beauty Skin Memberships allow you to set your loved one up with two express or advanced facials per month for 3, 6 or 12 months.  This fully customisable membership allows you to personalise your gift and show your significant other you don't just want them to feel special on Valentine’s Day but rather all the time. Show your love how much you care with a Brazilian Beauty Skin Membership.  Learn more about Brazilian Beauty Skin Memberships here  

Valentine’s Day gift idea #2 - Brazilian Beauty Gift Cards

This gift definitely won't sit in the cupboard and collect dust. A Brazilian Beauty Gift Card is the perfect way to treat your nearest and dearest to some self-love and self-care this Valentine’s Day Thanks to the pandemic and a slightly crazy start to the year, everyone is ready to spend some time treating themselves. Perhaps a relaxing 6 Step HydraFacial, a luxurious lash treatment or a glorious full body massage is the perfect self-care option for your dearest. Whatever they choose, we guarantee your valentine will walk out feeling satisfied, uplifted and absolutely beautiful.  Purchase your Brazilian Beauty Gift Card in-store or online  

Valentine’s Day gift idea #3 - ASI Vitamin Kit   

Is your partner a frequent client at Brazilian Beauty already? Have you already given them a gift voucher and are looking for something a little different this Valentine’s Day? Maybe their bathroom is overflowing with skincare products, and they are constantly sourcing out the latest and greatest moisturiser, mask or serum. Say hello to the ASI Vitamin Kit. Three powerful products designed to give results like never before. The best part is these products are suitable for all skin types, taking all the guesswork out of your purchase.  You can purchase this cosmeceutical collection in-store or online

There you have it! Our top three gift ideas will truly bring joy and beauty into your Valentine or Galentine’s life. Whatever you choose, we hope you all take a moment to remind your loved ones that they are beautiful on the inside and out!

PS. We highly encourage you to share this blog with your significant other as a not so subtle hint - you deserve to get everything you want this Valentine's Day!