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The 4 Top Beauty Practices You’ll Want To Try In 2022

I think we can all agree the last two years have been nothing short of crazy - and at times a little bizarre. From fighting over toilet paper and growing our own vegetables to dressing up in costumes to take the bins out, It sure has been a wild ride. 

After almost 24 months of trying to embrace ‘lockdown’ beauty - everything from letting our gel nails grow out (eek) to attempting to cut our own hair (I’m shaking my head at the thought) and dealing with 'maskne', the good news is that thankfully, 2022 promises to be a little less chaotic when it comes to keeping ourselves looking good.

But, how has our post-pandemic beauty world changed? And what will the concept of beauty look like in 2022? 

Let’s just say that beauty in 2022 will be ‘less show and more glow’... and we couldn’t be happier! Covid has forced us to rethink our skincare and beauty needs, creating the realisation that beauty is about embracing who you are and unapologetically celebrating your own kind of beautiful.

Here are some of the top beauty practices experts believe will take off in 2022:

Evidence-Based Skin Care

If there is one good thing that has come out of prolonged and repeated lockdowns it's that we are now savvier than ever. In terms of skincare, 2022 will see an increased interest in clean, minimalistic, evidence-based skincare products.

Chelsea Wonka, lead product developer at the Australian Skin Institute, explains that this year the ‘less show, more glow’ movement that started during lockdowns will see a continued shift towards cosmeceutical skincare formulations that are clean for your skin and clean for the environment too. 

Simple but effective, pared-back skincare routines - using cosmeceutical strength products formulated with minimal ingredients and environmentally conscious packaging - will be the preferred choice amidst the growing interest in climate change and sustainability.

And, in line with this ‘less is more approach’, Chelsea continues - our interest in truly understanding what we are putting on our skin (and why) will see more and more of us turn to skincare products that focus on holistic skin health.

This includes skincare with the ability to protect and strengthen the skin barrier and combat the ‘stress-effect’ - such as eczema, rosacea and acne - with ingredients that work at a cellular level to calm, soothe and control symptoms and triggers.

Products to check out: Vitamin B3 Complex, Multi Peptide Serum, Hydralift Eye Gel, Vitamin A Corrector, Pure Hydration Concentrate, Clearing Renewal Complex, Vitamin C Serum 

At Home Tweakments

While lockdown saw many of us attempt the impossible when it came to DIY beauty treatments, we're all ready to treat ourselves a little and head back to our favourite clinics and salons.

Tweakments to try in 2022: Micro-Needling, Dermal Face Lift Mask, AHA Power Exfoliant, Purifying Hydration Mask, Hydr8Tan Extender

Effortless Self Care

If you think meal deliveries and curbside pick-ups are convenient, you’re in for a real treat because ensuring that you make time for some regular self-care has just got a lot easier, affordable, and rewarding!

BB Monthly Memberships: New to Brazilian Beauty, monthly memberships offer both value and reward in the form of included weekly, fortnightly or monthly treatments and access to discounted services and skincare products. 

Starting at just $49.00 per month, you can make self-care effortless by choosing from a Brazilian Waxing Membership, Spray Tan Membership or the popular Express and Advanced Skin Memberships that will regularly treat your skin to LED Light Therapy, Hydro Microdermabrasion and Professional Skin Peels!

BB GO App: Go touchless with a safe and convenient mobile check-in and check-out experience via the Brazilian Beauty App. Featuring a contactless payment option, tap and go bookings, and a smart wallet that keeps your loyalty points, gift cards, packages and memberships all in one place, you’ll be able to walk in, have your service and simply walk out without lifting a finger. Download it now and instantly get $20.00 in loyalty points to use next time you book!

Supercharged Results with Condensed Beauty

Taking our love of efficient skin solutions to a whole new level, condensed beauty treatments offer supercharged results by using a multi-treatment approach to skin maintenance and rejuvenation.

Treatments such as the 6-Step HydraFacial use medical-grade skin resurfacing, ultrasonic massage and advanced biotechnologies such as RF skin tightening and cryotherapy to deeply clean, smooth, hydrate, and firm the skin while promoting long-term skin health all in one 50 minute treatment. Click here to book or learn more.

Or, give your skin the ultimate glow up with ASI’s exclusive Glow & Go Facial. This advanced skin treatment combines the undisputed anti-ageing effects of Microneedling with the powerful effects of hydrolysed cactus enzyme to repair and maintain the skin’s lipid barrier while supercharging moisture and hydration levels within the skin. The perfect skin treatment for anyone concerned with skin dullness, dryness, fine lines and crepey skin, you can read more about how cactus enzymes work in our blog: How A Prickly Desert Plant Might Be Your Skin’s New BFF.

Results You Can Believe In At Brazilian Beauty

Tall, tanned and youthful may be the media’s version of the ideal body, but at Brazilian Beauty, we don’t believe beauty is something that belongs to other people. Beauty already belongs to you, so gift yourself the right to celebrate your beauty with our extensive range of treatments and services performed by qualified, highly-professional therapists who aim for only the best results.

With nine conveniently located clinics across Brisbane, booking an appointment is easy. Simply click here or visit the Brazilian Beauty website to learn more about our extensive range of treatments, services, and skincare.

And don’t forget, you can also download the Brazilian Beauty App and instantly earn $20.00 in loyalty points to use towards your skin treatment or ASI product purchase the next time you visit us in clinic!