Stacey O’Malley – Winner $1000 gift card


Meet Stacey O'Malley. The winner of our $1000 Brazilian Beauty gift card giveaway! We caught up with Stacey to find out what treatments she was going to spend her gift card on. We ended up very intrigued and blown away by this amazing woman.

Stacey is a business owner, personal trainer, fitness model competition preparation coach and fitness model posing coach. She has competed for over 6 years receiving numerous placings including an ANB fitness model champion title in 2013, and has represented Australia in Canada at the UFE World Titles in 2014 placing 6th in a huge line up. Stacey practices what she preaches and leads from personal research, experimentation and example. 

Follow Stacey's journey with us:



Firstly, Congratulations on winning our amazing prize. What are you going to spend your $1000 BB gift card on?

I would like to spend it on all the new treatments I have always wanted to try-the FAT CAV especially for my upcoming comps!

What is your definition of beauty?

Being true to yourself and being happy within your own skin.

Who is one person you admire for their beauty and why?

My mother because after surviving breast cancer and a mastectomy, she is more beautiful than ever and is a true inspiration! She looks half her age and is one of the strongest woman I know.

Describe how Brazilian Beauty helps you feel more beautiful.

It is such a self-less thing you can do for yourself! It allows me to look after ME and my wellbeing and take time to invest back into my hard-working mind and body.

What are your 3 top beauty tips?

Moisturise EVERY DAY!! Exercise and drink plenty of water.

What is your favourite treatment?

I love getting therapeutic massages as it allows me to slip away from the everyday stresses of life and relieves my aching muscles after training.

Tell us the best piece of beauty advice you have been given?

To always remove makeup and moisturise everyday.

What is your favourite quote or motto that you live by daily?

Be stronger than your excuses-carpe diem!

Tell us a little bit about your business?

I am a personal trainer who operates out of Anytime Fitness Springfield Lakes as well as my private home studio. I am also a bodybuilding coach and bodybuilding posing coach. I built my business from the ground up and could not be happier in helping people reach their full potential within their health and fitness goals.

How do you get prepared mentally and physically for your competitions?

Having an end goal is super important to keep you on track! So having the looming comp definitely helps! But I also ENJOY bodybuilding and being on stage so I find if you find something you love and enjoy doing it long-term, then you will stick to it!


We will be checking in with Stacey during her treatment journey in preparation for her next competition. We look forward to sharing her experience with you.