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Q&A Acne Scarring with Georgie Stevenson

Georgie Stevenson is a Graduate lawyer with a love of health, fitness and holistic living. She has a Youtube channel dedicated to her videos of tips and tricks on balancing full time work and still feeling good on the inside and outside! Georgie has a huge following on all social media platforms.

Georgie came to us with concerns of acne scarring after battling with hormonal acne. She wanted an aggressive approach to treat the concern quickly and effectively before her wedding. Georgie, and her followers, have been blown away with the incredible results she has seen on her skin. She wanted to share her story. Below you will find her before and after pictures and a video of her skin care routine, tips and trips. Enjoy. xx

Instagram: @georgiestevenson


"Not the prettiest sight or best angles, but I want to be real and share my acne scar journey with those who might need it.

When I finally won my battle with my hormonal acne (not a fun time) I was then left with these scar. My wedding was fast approaching so I decided an aggressive approach was needed. 3 months in and my scars have dramatically subsided and I think will be completely clear by April. I have made a video where I go through the treatments I got at Brazilian Beauty, my skin scare routine (I use ASI) and supplements I take (battling from the inside out)

Honestly feels so amazing to finally feel confident in my own skin again after such a long period of feeling insecure." - Georgie


Q&A with Georgie Stevenson


We have heard you have your wedding coming up… how important is feeling confident on your wedding day?

So important! I don’t want to have to worry about constantly fixing my makeup because of my skin - I just want to enjoy the day!


How has acne scarring affected your self esteem?

I didn’t even get acne as a teenager so to then get acne in my 20’s was horrible, THEN when the acne was finally gone after 8 months of dodging social events I was left with scars. I really got to me as even with makeup on you could see indentations.


Can you tell us about the type of treatments you have been receiving at Brazilian Beauty?

I had a whole treatment plan done including skin needling, Led light therapy and skin peels - my beautician would change up the plan depending on how my skin was going. That is what I loved about BB it was so personal to me and my skin progress.


We understand you have also been using ASI - Australian Skin Institute products… could you please walk us through your daily routine?

In the morning I use the Vitamin B and Vitamin C Serum then the Rejuvenating Day Cream. At night I wash my face with the Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser and use the Vitamin A Corrector and Rejuvenating Night Treatment.


How do you feel when you visit the clinic?

Very special.. It's all about me haha


What are your top 3 lifestyle tips for helping with your skin?

Drink water, Eat well and see a skin professional to get skin care/treatments that your skin may need


What is the best piece of beauty advice you have been given?

Take care of your insides to look good on the outside


And finally… what does beautiful mean to you?

To be confident and happy in your own skin