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How Nurse Meg Owns Her Own Style Of Beauty

By Marina Zarganis

You may have seen them in-clinic and wondered; What do you do to look so good?  We ask our team beauties to share why they joined the industry,  their own skincare philosophies and tips to confidently owning their own style of beauty.

There is something mesmerisingly beautiful about watching someone who loves their job do their thing, and for Cosmetic Injectables specialist, Meg Acworth, that beauty just happens to shine from the tip of a cosmetic needle. 

Fascinated by cosmetics, make-up and fashion from a young age, Meg has merged her passion for aesthetic beauty with her qualifications as a Registered Nurse to now offer a range of advanced cosmetic treatments ranging from Anti-Wrinkle Injections to Messotherapy Beauty Boosters, NAD Energy Shots and Vampire Plasma Facials, to create total and holistic anti-ageing results for her clients. 

 “I love the process of tailoring a treatment to the client’s individual needs and creating the most amazing outcomes!, says Meg.   “The feeling that I get when I see my client look in the mirror and absolutely love what they see… is the best feeling in the world”.

At the top of her list of most favourite procedures to perform, Meg says “lips!” are her hands-down, instantly gratifying winner.  Whether it’s adding a little definition and crispness to the lip border or creating a full, volumised pout… beautiful lips can be a real game changer when working towards a balanced approach to facial rejuvenation and getting that balance right is key.

“I want every client to feel beautiful… 

not by completely changing the way they look but by enhancing their features just enough for them to see the beauty they already have”

And as for her own beauty wants and needs?  Meg says Anti-Wrinkle Injections are her personal go-to favourite.  “Muscle relaxing injections help to relieve the tightness across my forehead and smooths out those pesky little lines and wrinkles.  It just softens my expression lines, so I won’t look ‘frozen’ but my skin becomes this beautiful canvas for perfect makeup application… or for those non-makeup days too”.

Although Meg has been lucky enough to never experience acne or skin breakouts, she has always battled with an excessively oily and sensitive skin, often making makeup application frustrating.   However, she credits products such as Niacinamide and Vitamin A (available from Australian Skin Institute’s range of cosmeceutical skin care) as her oil fighting skin heroes and says her #1 non-negotiable for keeping any skin looking young and fresh is wearing an SPF every single day (ASI Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF & Daylight Defence 50+ Face & Body).

With so much beauty radiating from the outside… I wanted to know what makes Nurse Meg beautiful on the inside.  How does this talented and passionate, anti-ageing wizard with a needle for a wand feel about the concept of beauty and what is her best advice for allowing one’s self to, not only own our own style of beauty, but to love our own style of beauty as well. 

Meg says, “As of this year, my philosophy has been to ‘act confident and no-one will question you.  As a girl I have always struggled with body image issues and battled self-consciousness.  But recently I have learned to begin loving the things that make me uniquely me, instead of nitpicking every time I look in the mirror.   As a Cosmetic Nurse, you see so much of this… always wishing to change something, look like someone else or have what others have, instead of just loving what makes them unique.  That’s why I love helping people feel beautiful in their own skin.  So they can stop comparing themselves to others and finally see their own beauty”.