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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare For Long-lasting Lashes

Ahhh, Eyelash Extensions. Beautiful, fluttery and oh so glamorous. Whether you like a bold or subtle lash, there's one thing we all have in common… We want them to last! Eyelash extensions are an investment. When you invest in a new car, you have to clean it, fuel it up and get it regularly serviced. Just like any other investment, eyelash extensions require maintenance. Let's talk about what to do between your lash appointments to save money and give your extensions the best chance at lasting the long haul!

Long-lasting Lashes Tip #1: Keep Them Dry

It’s oh so important to keep your eyelash extensions completely dry for the first 48hrs. This includes water, steam, sweat or moisture of any kind. Doing so can cause the bond holding your lashes in place to become brittle and break - sometimes taking your natural lash with it. No, thank you. If you're a gym fanatic, keep it to light cardio for the first 48 hours. Once those 48hrs have passed, moisture is no longer a no go zone. In fact, water plays a crucial part in the longevity of your eyelash extensions, but we'll get to that later.

Long-lasting Lashes Tip #2: Cleanse Daily

Just like your face, you need to clean your eyelash extensions every day. Makeup, skincare, natural oils and dust can build up on your lashes during the day. When left unattended, these oils can break down the bonds of your eyelash extensions. If possible, use a lash extension-specific cleanser to clean your lashes. Gently press the cleanser around your eye area until any makeup, skincare, natural oils, and dust have been removed. Gently rinse the cleanser off in the shower by letting the water flow down your face. Once the cleanser is removed, brush your eyelash extensions into place using a clean spooly. Now, if I still haven’t convinced you to cleanse your lash extensions every day, go ahead and do a quick google search on lash mites. Yikes!   

Long-lasting Lashes Tip #3: Beauty Sleep

Okay, so we’re not here to shame the face sleepers… But it’s no good for your beautiful lashes. Sleeping on your face pulls and pushes your lash extensions all over the place. I guarantee you will wake up with a couple of lash extensions on your pillow. Try sleeping on your back or side. If you can’t help it, you need to consider that you will lose some extra lashes prematurely. Regardless of how carefully you sleep, you’re always going to wake up with a few twists and turns in your lashes. Always brush them back into place first thing in the morning.

Long-lasting Lashes Tip #4: Hands By Your Side

You guessed it, no touching, twisting, pulling, tugging or rubbing. Like anything new, it will take a few days to get used to the feeling of your new eyelash extensions. Allow yourself around three days to get comfortable and adjust. Keep a clean spooly brush with you, and rather than touching your lashes, gently brush through them. Remember, it's normal to lose between one and five lashes every day. However, if you're constantly touching your lashes, you best believe you'll start losing more. Self-control ladies, no touching!

Long-lasting Lashes Tip #5: Makeup And Skincare

I get it. It’s Saturday night. You’re going out, and you want to look extra fab! But put the mascara down! Putting on mascara means extra work to remove it, which results in premature lash loss. If you absolutely must wear mascara, make sure it’s water-based. Avoid any skincare and makeup that’s oil-based - remember, oil breaks down the lash bonds. The best thing to do is chat about this with your lash expert, let them know what you’re currently using, and they will let you know what is and isn’t suitable.

Long-lasting Lashes Tip #6: Heat  

Let’s all raise a glass in memory to the lashes lost to an open candle flame. This one may seem obvious to some, but be careful around heat! The heat from your oven or lighting a candle too closely can singe your lashes. Keep this in mind and keep your distance from anything with heat.   

Long-lasting Lashes Tip #7: Consistent Refills  

Think of your refills like your car service. Regular visits prevent those once in a blue moon expensive visits. Aim to see your lash expert every two weeks. A fortnightly visit means your appointment will be quick, cost less, and you'll wake up with flawless lashes every day. Thanks to Brazilian Beauty's fully customisable eyelash extension membership, you could be saving up to $101 a month. Yes, please!   

And there you have it, our guide to long-lasting eyelash extensions. Following these simple aftercare tips and tricks will greatly improve the longevity of your eyelash extensions. Don't forget to chat with your lash expert about your lash goals. The only thing left to do is make an appointment for a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions!  

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