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Brazilian Beauty Bendigo does a Detox

Our gorgeous team at Brazilian Beauty Bendigo rounded up the troops for a detox and 28 day challenge! Read on for Bendigo Coordinator, Kathryn’s, first hand account of the challenge. Watch this space Beauties!

​This week we welcomed three new friends - yes I was able to convince Paige one of my therapists to join me - at The Human Mechanics 28 day program, as well as changing things up with new workouts.

Needless to say I’m pretty sore and Paige is worse which brings me a little joy, not because I like seeing her gingerly sit down or walk without bending her knees (well maybe I do a little) but that was where I was only two weeks ago and I take pride in my progress. I’m sure Paige will feel the same even if she doesn’t think so yet.

The real kicker is that this week, Kristy and I had to start detox to fall into line with the new recruits. Over four days we need to go without gluten, milk, coffee and alcohol and pump lots of green veggies and smoothies into us. Its day two of detoxing and I’m really missing my morning coffee! I also began my ASI detox facials last week after a hormonal breakout and just all round tired looking skin.

I’m going to have one facial every two weeks for six weeks to really get the results I want before my birthday in April. Like Arj’s detox, the ASI Pro Peel is bringing everything to the surface, removing dead skin and flushing out my pores revealing my new and fresh skin underneath. I have a little residual flaking on my chin but overall my skin is looking brighter and the breakouts are fading.

I have high hopes for my next detox facial and the end of Arj’s detox…bring on the coffee!!!