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Which is Better: IPL or Laser for Hair Removal?

What is IPL hair removal treatment

The intense pulsed light (or IPL) hair removal process relied on the use of a broad-spectrum and visible light. A clinician or beauty therapist will use this light to target specific structures concerning your skin and hair with the ultimate goal of hair removal. Cooling methods are generally employed to protect the skin that comes into contact with the IPL device.

How does the hair removal process work?

IPL uses intense pulses of light to produce high-output bursts of broad spectrum light. The individual administering the treatment will control this light in order to remove shorter wavelengths, which allows them to target the melanin pigment that's present in body hair. When the light energy is absorbed, it transfers as heat energy. This process warms the hair and damages the follicle. Eventually, this results in a destroyed hair and the incapability to produce more hair in the same area.


The effectiveness of IPL treatment depends on numerous factors-- hair and skin type stand out amongst these as key determining points. Coarser, darker hair often absorbs more energy than lighter, finer hair does-- this translates to a more effective treatment.

Pain factor

IPL is the more painful process of the two, but that doesn't mean that it's a cause for concern. Some patients note that the procedure feels like having a rubber band flicked against their skin. Those with darker skin tones may experience more discomfort than those with lighter skin.

Sessions and time commitment

Of the two hair removal options, IPL requires more time and commitment. More sessions are required before results are achieved. The process itself tends to take a while, too; the machines can't focus light energy very well, which can translate to longer appointments.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What is laser treatment?

Laser treatment relies on the use of medical-grade lasers to emit a single wavelength of light. This wavelength creates maximised laser penetration in a targeted area.

How does the hair removal process work?

When body hair absorbs the light emitted by the laser, that light is concentrated in the hair shaft and results in the elimination of the hair. The beam of light utilised during the procedure is specially filtered into a specific wavelength in order for our body hair's coloured pigment to absorb it. The body hair's pigment is essentially the target during the procedure.


Laser removal generally requires around six to ten sessions for full effects, but does offer exceptional permanence. Results are long-lasting and the procedure is effective on a variety of skin types. Laser hair removal requires less time and fewer sessions to achieve results similar to IPL.

Pain factor

Most patients report that laser treatment is less painful than IPL; but the process does still pose some opportunity for discomfort. Your individual hair and skin type will determine your experience during the procedure.

Sessions and time commitment

Laser hair removal requires fewer sessions than IPL-- and they're shorter, too. Results are delivered much faster than they are through the IPL process.

Choosing Between Laser and IPL

Does laser or IPL remove hair permanently?

The laser hair removal process relies on a beam; and this beam gives clinicians the capability to achieve deep, powerful, and precise penetration of the hair follicle. The results of the procedure are accurate and permanent. Once the hair follicle has been fully disabled, it won't be able to regrow hair.

IPL does not permanently remove hair, but it does slow hair regrowth. Frequent, regular treatments are needed to maintain a hairless appearance. Deeper and thicker hair follicles tend to not be reached very easily and may fail to dissipate.

How to select the proper permanent hair removal treatment for you

You'll need to factor in a number of considerations as you try to determine which hair removal treatment is best for you. If you're short on time or cash, you may be best served by laser treatment; if you're fine with frequent trips to the salon and don't want true permanent hair removal, IPL is the way to go.


Keep the following in mind as you make your decision: Time Funds Pain tolerance Desired extent and permanence of hair removal Interested in booking a consultation or learning more about the hair removal process?

Get in touch with us and consider booking a permanent hair removal with IPL appointment with your local Brazilian Beauty clinic or salon today!