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What are Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

Looking your best is actually an investment in yourself. Being the best, most beautiful you that you can be shows that you have self-respect, and are empowered to face down any challenges in your life. At Brazilian Beauty, we believe that individuality should be celebrated, and beauty should be cultivated, inside and out. We've found that one of the quickest ways to feeling beautiful is applying some long, thick, gorgeous eyelash extensions to your natural eyelashes. We offer several eyelash extension treatments, one of which is the set of hybrid eyelash extensions. You may wonder: what are hybrid eyelash extensions? How are they different from classic extensions? How long do eyelash extensions last? The following information will provide answers to those questions. Let's dive in!

What are Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

Simply put, hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of two different types of extension treatments: classic and volume. Hybrid extensions are an excellent option for clients that want something more than the classic look, but are not ready to dive into the full-on volume extension treatment. Generally speaking, if you feel that you have a full set of natural eyelashes, with maybe a few gaps here and there, then hybrid eyelash extensions may be just what you're looking for!

What is the Difference Between Hybrid and Classic Extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are based on a 1:1 ratio between the extensions and the client's natural eyelashes. Thus, a classic eyelash extension treatment typically works best for clients that already have an abundance of natural eyelashes, and are simply looking for more length and a better-defined curl. In contrast, hybrid extensions make use of volume extension techniques to "fill out" any spaces or gaps in the client's natural set of lashes. The volume technique involves about 4 or 5 extensions grouped together and formed into a fan shape before their application to an eyelash. This means that the client's set of lashes look much fuller than they would naturally. Thus, a hybrid technique employs elements of both the classic and the volume treatment. The technician will apply classic extensions to eyelash sections that are already full, and volume extensions to gapped areas that need some filling out.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The answer, as with most things, is: it depends. It's important to realize that your natural eyelashes, like the rest of your hair, grow out over time and are continually replaced by newer lashes. This cycle typically takes between 45 days to 2 months to complete. That, added to the gradual dissolution of the glue that is joining the extensions to your natural lashes, means that you shouldn't expect your eyelash extensions to last longer than 6 weeks, at the most. To keep them up for as long as possible, avoid getting them wet for the first couple of days after application. Try to avoid moisture and heat that will affect the extension glue, and don't sleep facedown if you can help it. Above all: don't rub your eyes! If you sidestep these common mistakes, then your extensions are likely to last for at least a month.

Lash Extensions at Brazilian Beauty

Are you looking for lash extensions? Whether you decide to go with the classic treatment or the hybrid look, extensions can be a shortcut to looking and feeling better about yourself. At Brazilian Beauty, we care about our clients' mental and emotional well-being. We firmly believe that you should invest in yourself; in fact, we believe that everyone should have permission to feel beautiful, and comfortable in their own skin! If you are interested in an eyelash extension treatment, make an appointment with your local Brazilian Beauty clinic today. Go ahead: schedule some time for yourself. After all, you are worth it!