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Travel essentials for a weekend away

How often have you gone away for the weekend and asked yourself, how much do I really need to take with me? Less is always more when it come to packing so we have rounded up our top picks for your getaway.

A smart phone

Crucial for navigating new cities, snapping memories and letting everyone know what a great time you are having!


You can get away with only a few make-up essentials for a short break so choosing ones that are multi-functional are ideal. The ASI loose mineral foundation is the perfect multi-use product as it’s not just a foundation but can also be used as a concealer and a setting powder. Pop in a mascara, blusher and your favourite lipstick and you’re away.

Travel pillow

Transit can be boring and tiring, bring along a travel pillow to make mid-trip napping a whole lot more comfortable.

Quality headphones

Helps travel time go so much quicker. Don’t limit yourself to just music either; audio books are a great way to pass the time.


Don’t let your skin routine go out the window while you’re away, the ASI Multivitamin Foaming Cleanser will give you a fresh complexion, morning and night. It’s loaded with Vitamin C, Chamomile and a hint of Citric acid to cleanse away impurities. A really good moisturiser and hand-cream are also essential as travelling can dehydrate the skin.

A good book

It is hard to beat sitting in the sun by the pool reading a good book, think Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn or for something a little light-hearted, Yes Please by Amy Poehler.