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3 Simple Top Tips For The Perfect Pout

Like skin, lips need care and attention to look and feel gorgeous. Don’t suffer with dry and cracked lips just follow these 3 simple tips to hydrated luscious lips!

  • Tip 1: Exfoliate. Gently exfoliate once a week to remove excess dead skin cells.
  • Tip 2: Stay Hydrated. Moisture is a necessity to maintain beautifully hydrated lips. To prevent cracking or peeling, using a good quality moisturiser daily is essential. Keeping you entire body hydrated by drinking plenty of water will ensure hydration for both skin and lips!
  • Tip 3: Protect. Lipsticks and lip glosses can serve as a shield for your lips against the elements. They provide a boost of colour and an added layer of protection between your lips and any environmental conditions. Why not try ASI’s new range of Perfect Pout Lipsticks and Lip Glosses $29.95? Both contain super high pigment colours along with natural mineral ingredients to lock moisture in and stay on all day!
Pro application tips…
  1. Always line your lips! Pay special attention to your cupid’s bow for added definition and drama
  2. Add colour.. add a highly pigmented, nourishing lip colour. We love ASI’s vibrant orange-y red in Tango!
  3. Blot and reapply. For longer lasting colour blot straight after your initial application and reapply with the same colour. This ensures your gorgeous lip colour hasn’t disappeared into oblivion after your morning latte!
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