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The Secret Anti-ageing ingredient in everyone’s fridge…

No - it’s not your sink, nor your toaster nor your Nespresso machine (I know, we wish!). Take a look in your fridge Beauties…


This nutritious little vitamin can be found in citrus fruits like guava, grapefruit and oranges as well as dark green leafy vegetables, capsicum, broccoli, berries, papaya, tomatoes and our personal favourite kiwifruit!

Munch on these for C-eriously glowing skin!
Munch on these for C-eriously glowing skin!

Did you know: Kiwifruit has up to 3 times the Vitamin C than oranges?

Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin and the healing of scar tissues, blood vessels and cartilage. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C protects the skin from pesky free-radical damage and is thought to increase dopamine and lower stress… What can’t it do?!

When applied topically, Vitamin C lightens and brightens skin tone while providing a vital barrier to protect skin against premature ageing. Vitamin C is also one of the few ingredients clinically proven to reverse the signs of ageing.

Products high in active Vitamin C can reserve ageing, renewing your complexion for younger, brighter more radiant skin. Where can we sign up? For a gorgeous complexion apply a Vitamin-C rich serum or anti-ageing product over night and aim to eat 2 - 3 serves of vitamin C per day for results you can C!

C what we did there? BB xx