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Men’s Tools: Smooth Skin 101


Everyone knows the old saying: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.That might not be exactly true, but it may as well be for our skin! So, why is men’s skin so different to women’s? Why is it important men use male targeted skincare products. And how do you ensure your dapper looks stay on point? Let us run you through a few ‘need to knows’...

  Male Skin Differences
  • The skin is sensitive to different types of hormones and different levels (yep, when it comes to skin - men can be a bit touchy)
  • Males have a 20% thicker epidermis than women. This makes men less vulnerable to sun damage.
  • Men also have more elastin and collagen, which means they are less susceptible to ageing.
  • Men’s skin grows thinner when they age, while women’s remains relatively constant.
  • Men have 50% less nerve endings than women, which makes them far less susceptible to pain.
  • Most males who shave have more delicate skin than women, because the shaving process removes the hydrostatic film on the skin.
  • Men have smaller sebaceous glands than women, however men have oilier skin due to the thickness of the skin, and they produce sebum much longer. This means your awkward teen acne can last well into your twenties…
  • Men also have larger pores (for oil and hair), which make them more susceptible to acne, blackheads, ingrown hair (from shaving incorrectly) and outbreaks.
  • Male skin is inclined to renew cells faster
Male Skin Care Tips
  • Use a shaving foam or gel, and apply an after-shave balm or lotion that moisturises the skin rather than an alcoholic one which dries it out and irritates it further.
  • Use a chemical exfoliant to remove dirt and debris from the larger pores. TIP: Gently exfoliate prior to shaving to clear blocked pores and soften hairs. We like ASI's AHA Exfoliant (available at any Brazilian Beauty)
  • Always use an oil-free high SPF sunscreen, and apply it whenever sun exposure might be considerable.
  • Male wrinkles are more prominent around the forehead, jawline and around the mouth. Ageing will occur faster here, so it is important to moisturise those areas.
  • Give yourself a facial each week… It’s not just for the ladies. Taking care to properly cleanse, exfoliate and nourish you skin weekly will help your skin’s resilience to blemishes, wrinkles and ageing in the future. Make sure you use a high quality cleanser and take the time to wash and massage the face thoroughly, removing any deep-set congestion.
  • Drink water. If you are hydrated, your skin will be too. Aim for 2L/day!
  • Exfoliate – Exfoliation will remove the layers of dead skin cells on top of your skin and pull debris out of skin pores. This allows fresh and healthy new skin to come through.
  • If your face feels dry, moisturise. If it doesn’t, moisturise. Always maintain a regular moisturising routine and use a high-quality moisturiser that contains and SPF.
  • Exercise regularly – This will help to flush toxins out of your system and improve the blood flow to all parts of your body (including your skin).
  • Sleeping well is essential to maintaining healthy skin.
  • Eye Care – The eyes can show early signs of ageing in men, and are a focal point for female observation. Regular use of eye cream will reduce creases and wrinkles.
  • Lip Care – Regular application of lip balm with an SPF30+ will prevent chapping, dryness and cracking.
    One thing to remember is, although male skin differs to female skin, each and every individuals skin concerns and conditions vary. There are a number of ways to treat and target skin concerns. These include using a skin care range suited to your skin, concerns and budget, as well as investing in some advanced skin treatments to kick-start your way to clear skin. Book in for a free Skin Consultation today at your closest clinic.