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Meet Raelene

Raelene was adopted by a ‘wonderful, gentle couple’ when she was just eight days’ old and has two grown-up children and one grandchild. After a lifetime of putting her family first, the opportunity to become a Brazilian Beauty Brand Ambassador has given Raelene the encouragement she needed to invest a little time and love in herself.
Raelene believes confidence is what makes a person beautiful.

Why were you drawn to the ‘Believe in Beautiful’ campaign?

My delightful Beauty Therapist Elise from the Redcliffe clinic invited me to enter. I thought if I participated the team at Redcliffe would be rewarded for encouraging their customers. I entered for them as a thank you for their kind and friendly service. I always feel wonderful after visiting Elise and her team.


What is your definition of beauty?

I believe beauty comes from within. Beauty is a glow that comes from confidence, being an individual and making the most of our own unique features.


Who is one person you admire for their beauty and why?

My daughter. She is a very caring and kind person who always puts others needs first. She has a natural beauty inside and out.


Describe how Brazilian Beauty helps you feel more beautiful.

The team are such inspirational people who truly believe in the brand they work for. They encourage their customers to feel the best they can.


What do you love about being a grandmother?

The joy that my granddaughter brings to my husband and I is unmeasurable. She shares the excitement of youth, the discovery of things we tend to take for granted as we grow older and shares the same caring nature of her Mother. I am soon to be a grandmother for the second time. My son and his wife shared their exciting news recently. I am overjoyed.


What are your 3 top beauty tips?

Listen to the experts. For me that is Brazilian Beauty. Allow yourself a little pamper time. Be kind to your skin.


What is your favourite treatment?

I truly love the 90 minute Peptide Facial. Simply fabulous.

Do you have a new year goal?

Yes. To enjoy each day, breathe and take a few moments to smell the roses.


Tell us the best piece of beauty advice you have been given?

To always cleanse correctly and allow your skin to breathe.


What is your favourite quote or motto that you live by daily?

Lead by example. The children are always watching and listening.